Benefit Fine One One

There are many ways to achieve a healthy flush on the cheeks. My favorite product to get that natural glow, however, is cream blush! Cream blushes give a sort of wet finish to the cheeks, and looks like it's coming from the skin instead of sitting on top. They're also quicker to use than powder blushes since they need no more than fingers for a beautiful blended finish.

One of the latest cream blushes to hit the market is Benefit Fine One One (P1,700). This tri-colored blush in stick form gives a wonderful peachy-coral flush on skin with just a couple of swipes. It has Pink Champagne, Sheer Watermelon, and Soft Coral shades in one tube to give the cheeks some "lift, shape, and pop". I quite agree with this. The well-chosen combination of colors and textures does give cheeks a sort of dimensional look, as if they're plumper (not chubby!) and healthier.

I also love how it makes my skin look brighter. Pink Champagne is a pretty good highlighter by itself, reminiscent of my fave Benefit Watt's Up! (read the review for a mini-tutorial on how to apply a cream highlighter). 

This blush dries down into a powder finish that lasts a decent amount of time (three to four hours) on cheeks. It also delivers the right amount of color every swipe - not too clownish, but not invisible either. I use two layers on the apples of my cheeks when I want color, and one layer when I only want a cheeky glow. Then, using my fingers only, I pat the product outwards going to my hairline.

Soft Coral, Sheer Watermelon, Pink Champagne

Worn. Sorry just took this photo with an iPhone. I hope you get the idea though!

Now, as good as this product sounds, it has some limitations. It's best worn on top of bare skin or skin with wet base makeup (like a tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation). Fine One One is difficult to blend on top of powder without actually erasing everything else you're wearing underneath. :/

So, fair warning. If you wear a lot of powder, have blemishes on and near the cheeks, and have very oily skin this might not be for you. However if you don't wear that much face makeup most days, this is a great companion because of its fab color and convenience! I think it's best for oily to combination skin. If you want to have a flush that won't fade all day, just set it with a coral or peach powder blush.

By the way, I would not recommend this as a lip tint. The texture is a little powdery which feels weird on lips; it also doesn't give much color on pigmented puckers even with furious layering. 

All things considered, I still find myself liking the Benefit Fine One One a lot. It brightens and gives my face a gorgeous flush - you know me, I love anything illuminating! It's also convenient because of the compact size and stick shape which means that I can retouch anywhere. I prefer using it on low-maintenance days, you know, with just a spot of concealer, eyebrows, and a natural lip. :)

What do you think? Does this look like the right cream blush for you?