Hot tip: Watsons Foot Ease Gel Cushions for your high heels

Don't you just hate it when you buy shoes in the wrong size? It can be an online order so the blame isn't as heavy. However sometimes you go in a store, fit the pair meticulously, then still end up with something that doesn't wear quite right. That's what happened to me when I bought a pair of black pumps some weeks ago.

Anyway, the solution is those black/ lilac shoe inserts to tighten the fit. I don't like using them though because I always have to cut them to fit my small shoes. Besides, they look so obvious in open sandals! Best solution: the transparent Watsons Foot Ease Gel Cushions. I have a few of these and I thought I'd finally write about it. ;)

This is pretty cheap at less than a hundred bucks if I remember correctly. I love to use them for my loose heels, but aside from that these inserts are intended to cushion our foot pads from the stress of wearing high heels. The gel insert is soft and comfy under the feet.

It does ease the pain a little! Well it won't prevent the discomfort/pain from appearing if you're wearing ridiculously high heels and intend to walk in them all day. It won't be as painful, is all.  

The gel inserts don't have any adhesives, which is good because it means you can transfer them to any of your shoes. The bottom part has a sort of sticky surface - hard to describe, basta it keeps the inserts from slipping inside the shoes. Just clean the surface of the shoe before putting the cushions so that they will grip properly.

Gotta love how small it is, small enough to fit inside size 5.5 shoes. :) And the fit - perfect! So there. You must try the Watsons Foot Ease Gel Cushions if you have loose shoes or just want to add extra padding on your heels. These are heaven sent! You can find them in any Watsons branch.