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Hot tip: Watsons Foot Ease Gel Cushions for your high heels

Don't you just hate it when you buy shoes in the wrong size? It can be an online order so the blame isn't as heavy. However sometimes you go in a store, fit the pair meticulously, then still end up with something that doesn't wear quite right. That's what happened to me when I bought a pair of black pumps some weeks ago.

Anyway, the solution is those black/ lilac shoe inserts to tighten the fit. I don't like using them though because I always have to cut them to fit my small shoes. Besides, they look so obvious in open sandals! Best solution: the transparent Watsons Foot Ease Gel Cushions. I have a few of these and I thought I'd finally write about it. ;)

This is pretty cheap at less than a hundred bucks if I remember correctly. I love to use them for my loose heels, but aside from that these inserts are intended to cushion our foot pads from the stress of wearing high heels. The gel insert is soft and comfy under the feet.

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How to walk (and last) in high heels

It's so fun when people leave interesting questions! It gets my brain working and compels me to do some research. In my legs post, one reader asked me about high heels. She said:

Hi, I've been always meaning to buy heeled shoes but I've never really gotten to wearing them...I just can't last wearing heeled shoes for prolonged periods of time (prolonged period = 1 hour or more). Is there a tip you can give on how to last in heels? Or am i just wearing the wrong kind of shoe? Are there heels that are actually comfortable? Thanks!

Walking and enduring high heels is like writing or learning how to bike - once you get the hang of it, you can't unlearn it. It just becomes an automatic skill! It's only difficult in the beginning but trust me, once you're past the initial barrier of pain and suffering, you will find your balance and a level of comfort.

Why wear heels anyway? Heels can instantly make your legs look longer, your butt perkier, and your back straighter. You will also be forced to take smaller, slower steps, so you look more graceful and poised.

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Sky blue Parfois heels

I first laid eyes on these Parfois platforms last May, when I became their stylist for the day. I found the shoes a bit pricey though at P2,280, and besides, I was in an accessories craze at that time. 

Good thing I waited! Last Wednesday, I was in Megamall running errands. I decided to drop by Parfois because of the screaming 70% off sale signs, and while walking inside, I was muttering in my head "please be on sale pleasebeonsale pleasebeonsale". It was! I got the shoes for a little over P1,500! 

Thrifted secretary blouse/ Forever 21 embroidered skirt/ Parfois bracelet/ Naccara majorica pearl cocktail ring

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Burlington Biofresh Flexigel and Sofigel foot cushions

I LOVE that a lot of women these days have taken to wearing high heels. Five years ago, did you see females here in the Philippines wearing three to five-inch monsters in the street - outside of fashion magazines? An even better question is, did you see major department stores proudly featuring their highest heels in their displays instead of comfy flats and sandals? No and no. Stylish high heels are a phenomenon that Filipinas have just recently embraced. I love the implications.

For one, this means that we women are more comfortable about standing out instead of being part of the herd. It means we're a little more liberated about our sexuality, discounting the medieval notion that high heels are only for prostitutes. In short, I think that women in high heels feel more empowered and are literally (also figuratively) standing tall. 

This is not to say that women who prefer flats are not empowered, that's too simplistic. It may come down to a matter of comfort, lack of occasion, or some other excuse. But if the only reason you don't have good high heels is fear, then I think it will do you good to finally break out and try it for a change. You'll feel better about yourself and, I suspect, feel a little more beautiful than you already are. ;)

Well, that went on longer than expected! I actually want to talk about Burlington's Biofresh Flexfigel and Sofigel pads! These godsends make women's life easier by padding our pretty shoes with gel inserts so that our feet won't hurt. Simple idea, but an incredibly useful. It's not a new concept but I do like that the pads are affordable and, from what I've tried, quite durable. 

So what's the diference between Biofresh Flexigel and Sofigel?

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