The year that was

I have terrible memory, which is one of the reasons I started keeping notebook diaries, and then eventually, blogs. I want to be able to remember the things I've done and thought. However, since I stopped personal blogging, I only have what little this beauty blog has on my personal life.

Now, I want to capture the year that was in one post, just for posterity, you see. I mentioned earlier that 2010 was an awesome year for me. I had so, so much fun! Let's do a review, shall we?

Press Mentions

April. I was given a half-page feature on The Philippine Star! I talked about (what else) blogging. My mind was blown. I still keep a copy of this page in a special folder, lol.

June. I appeared on live TV in a show called TekTok TV, hosted by Hannah and DJ Vince. I was nervous all throughout and kept fidgeting and stuttering. So embarrassing, but nonetheless memorable!

September. Appeared live on the radio, at RX 93.1 FM. I'm kicking my head for losing the one photo I took of it! As usual, I was super nervous, pero nairaos rin. Hehe.

October. My favorite local website,, took a snap of my outfit at Philippine Fashion Week SS11. Felt giddy.

Online endorsement

It was a huge surprise for me when I was contacted by Asian Secrets to promote their product called lulur online. Good thing that it's a great product, and it's something that I'll rave about with or without their sponsorship. I got to run a contest for them where I gave away 40k worth of prizes and lots of Asian Secrets lulur in between, lol. Definitely one of the highlights last year!

IMG_9783 by project_vanity.

Kirby, the December Bride, and grandmakeover winner!

I also became an online ambassador for Pond's. It's pretty neat!

Photo credit: Animetric

Memorable events

April. Thoroughly enjoyed this uber sophisticated fashion show called Filipina, Bravo! at Greenbelt 5. I loved all the beautiful clothes I saw.

IMG_9087 by project_vanity.

June. I participated as one of the judges in the finals of the Search for the new Watchpad crew. I wonder, artista na kaya sila? Haha. I sat across Isabel Oli - she's much, much more gorgeous in person!

July. Attended the Preview Ball with blogger friends. What a spectacle.

August. Went with Kira to a Robinson's event. We were tasked to look for great fashion pieces. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

October. Gave a short talk on blogging at an event called Vanity Fair. Fitting.

I attended Philippine Fashion Week SS11 (and Holiday 2010, too, last May). I didn't take any photos, but you can find the photo coverage of the shows here.

IMG_0061 by project_vanity.

...and many more events! You can view most of the events I attended here. I wish I paid more attention to categorizing my posts.

A bit of traveling

I wish I got to travel more last year, but I hope to change that this year! I really love exploring new places, drinking in the sights and sounds.

March. Visited Punta Fuego for a weekend of fun with fellow press people and young stars. It was an event called Camp Nivea. My full coverage here.

May. Went to Boracay with my family. Did all the touristy activities (snorkeling, helmet diving, tours) and ate at buffets every night. Gained five pounds! Hehe.

IMG_8303 by project_vanity.

September. Visited Baguio with Marco. It's his favorite city since he studied college there, in UP. It's only my second time to come up to the place. One word: enchanting. And lonely (ok so that's two words). There were so many trees, and it's suuuper cold! Photo credit- Marco.

Shapeless in Camp John Hay. I swear I'm not this fat.

Waffle House

Aaand that's it. It's not much, but I'm happy that all these things happened to me. I have a great feeling about 2011, so much that I can feel it in my blood. LOL. I just know it.

Here's to an awesomer 2011!