Etude House face masks

One of the gifts I got last Christmas was a set of Etude House face masks (thanks Tanya!). I have to admit though, I don't like using face masks. I have this sneaky feeling that leaving on a concentrated product for more than five minutes will cause a breakout. But since I have really bad skin lately and I didn't have much to lose, I opened up the Essence Mask Vitamin C (P58) and hoped for the best!

Too pretty to open: Lemon mask, Pomegranate, Essence Mask Vitamin C

Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The foil pack is full of this gel-like substance that neither stinks or smells good. It smells serum-y, if you can call it that. The mask itself is incredibly moist and stuck on with no trouble. It felt cool and relaxing on my face, so I was content to just let it stay there for 15 minutes while I was taking (backlog) product photos.

My face felt really sticky afterwards so I opted to wash off the rest of the product. It certainly moisturized my skin, but I didn't notice anything else other than that. I was expecting a bit of brightening, which is what most face masks are really good at, but I didn't get that effect. Maybe I shouldn't have washed it off and waited for it to dry?

Up side is, I didn't break out at all. I would recommend this for girls who like to relax by wearing a face mask, though I have to warn you not to expect too much other than the cooling + moisturizing effect. Always remember not to let a mask sit longer than the required period as it may cause itchiness and irritation.

One last thing I want to note - this face mask is ironically full of irritants like glycerin, alcohol, and parabens. I personally did not experience any adverse effects, but if you have sensitive skin, use it with discretion.

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Tried any Etude House face masks before? How did they work for you?