Was on TV this morning

This is my second time to be on TV! The first time (QTV Channel 11, Fit and Fab segment on fashion bloggers) was quite embarrassing so I won't link haha. This time though was pretty fun - I was with Lauren, and we just talked about Ukay Manila and our blogs.

Tek Tok TV is a show hosted by Hannah and Vince that's all about tech news, trends, the Internet, bloggers - anything geeky and cool. It airs live every Wednesday, 10:30-11:30 AM on the Global News Network channel of Destiny Cable. 


Bambi, Lauren, me, Hannah, Vince, Glambox Airbrush owners (pic from Lauren)

IMG_0949 by project_vanity.

Bambi being interviewed. Love her smoky eyes and pale pink lips!

IMG_0950 by project_vanity.

Glambox Airbrush demo on Hannah

IMG_0943 by project_vanity.

The hosts. Chismax: they are a couple in real life! They are so cute and bagay together.

What a great way to spend a Wednesday morning! I took a video of the whole thing but sadly, my Internet connection sucks. Oh well. Let's just wait for the TV people to upload the show on YouTube.

IMG_0937 by project_vanity.