Revlon Matte Powder Blush

Holiday hangover? Hating the fact that it's the first working Monday of the year? Well! Don't let it show on your face. *Wink* There's nothing like a natural flush to instantly make you look more alive. A lot of blushes these days boast of shimmers to give that just-came-back-from-a-run sheen, but if you're looking for cheeks that look like you're just glowing from within, then matte blushes may be better for you.

The Revlon Matte Powder Blush (P625) is as matte as you can get. Nonetheless, the color doesn't look flat and boring, which I found completely unexpected! I made it my business to stay away from matte blushes, but it seems that they have found me - and I am not regretting that day.

What I love about the product

  • Very natural finish, as if you're not wearing blush. 
  • While the powder is not pigmented upon first application, I find that it's easily buildable, and better at preventing a clown face.
  • I like the compact, since it comes with a mirror for application on-the-go.

Perfectly Peach

The best seller - Blushing Berry

  • Photogenic. Shimmery blushes tend to bounce light and make your face look fatter on photos even if they look good in person. Matte blushes on the other hand does the job of delivering color without the fattening effect!
  • Good for oily people, since matte doesn't make oily cheeks look oilier.
  • Pretty affordable at P625 for 5.1 grams of product.


Blushing Berry (left) is a warm pink shade that perfectly complements Pinay skin. It's a realistic blush color for us yellow-toned, tan girls. Perfectly Peach (right) is more suitable for fairer skin. As you can see, it's chalkier than Blushing Berry.

Blushing Berry (bottom), Perfectly Peach (top) - They look identical in the swatch, but they look different when applied on the cheeks.

What I don't like about the product

  • The powder is chalky. 
  • Ironically it can also be difficult to pick up the color from the pan because one color may be packed in harder than the other.
  • So-so lasting power. I'll give it four to five hours before it starts fading. 


  • The blush brush is actually usable! Surprise, surprise. It's not the best brush ever, but it's soft and dense enough to do a good job in applying the product. It saves us the hassle of having to bring a separate brush in our kit. I like it more for convenience, but if you don't mind bringing a separate brush or if you're just applying makeup at home, then use your own.



This product is perfect for you if you're into natural, subtle looks, love having your photo taken, and if your cheeks tend to oil up. It's also a great companion if you're always on the run and if you don't mind retouching once a day.


The Revlon Matte Powder Blush is not the best blush in the world, but it does the job nicely. I use it when I'm in a rush, because it hard to make a mistake when using this blush - heavy hand, light hand, it still looks good. It's my first choice when I'm just stepping out for a few hours since I don't like retouching.

This blush received a high rating at Makeupalley - 4.3!


Soo, what's your favorite blush lately? Have you tried matte blushes before?