Photos from the Preview Ball

Of course, a blog coverage about the Preview Ball isn't complete without our photos! The beauty bloggers Shen, Nikki, and Jheng came in their most stylish outfits. We hung out with the Estee Lauder girls, Rizel (Beautybank), Ina (Bobbi Brown), and Budit (Clinique). Spotted Sasha and Dhon too!

So anyway, here comes gratuitous photos!

Me and Rizel. The lilac lipstick I'm wearing NYX in Power. Who thought it would actually look good? As long as I use it with dark eyes, it doesn't wash me out.

Me, Rizel, Nikki, Jheng, Shen

Let's not mention my arms, and be friends :D

Ina Casas in Bobbi Brown makeup (of course!)

I love how she pulled off a pantsuit with a plunging neckline. Not many people can do this and look fab!

Ina with Budit Reyes in a face by Clinique. Pearls anyone?

Rizel in full Clinique makeup. Who would have thought that Clinique does perfect smoky eyes? We think of the brand as the standard bearer of natural beauty, but it's nice to know that it also has products that can do daring looks like this one!

For my eye makeup, I recycled this look, but a lot more smokier. I also paired it with lilac lipstick.

That's Nikki with the I-can't-wear-red-lipstick mindset. Hehe. Bagay na bagay naman!

Totally candid!

Well hello there, white cast. We meet again.

Our photographer for the night, Lawrence, with his soulmate Rizel

The lovely couple, Nikki and husband slash personal photographer Keith

I love it when we all get together on events like this. It's a great way to build relationships with fellow bloggers, as well as friends from companies that we deal with regularly. Until next, you guys!


All photos taken by Lawrence Arcangel