Preview Best Dressed Ball 2010

Last Saturday, I witnessed the Preview Best Dressed Ball with fellow bloggers and friends from Estee Lauder. It was a blast! That is, if you're into the clubbing scene. Tim Yap's newest posh club, Republiq, hosted the Alexander McQueen-themed event. The place was packed as celebrities, designers, fashionophiles, and other media personalities danced to house music and enjoyed the open bar.

Preview's Best Dressed for 2010

The program was pretty short. managing editor Isha Andaya announced the new look of, Preview’s online home. Editor-in-chief Pauline Suaco-Juan also came up on stage to talk about the night’s theme and encourage everyone to enjoy the party.

Of course, what is the Preview Best-Dressed Ball without ogling at the best-dressed and not-so-well-dressed?

The Preview Editor-In-Chief, Pauline Suaco-Juan. She wore a white crystal-encrusted dress by Michael Cinco with peeptoes from Alexander McQueen. What a super dress! This is perhaps my favorite out of all the clothes I saw that night.

The outfits of the Preview staff are featured later on in the post, but check out the seven best-dressed women honored that night: dermatologist Aivee Aguilar-Teo, Striker Mobile Media’s chief operating officer Ann Jacobe, photographer Garovs Garovillo, philanthropist Kaye Tinga, Giordano Philippines’ product development manager Lloyda Lim, model and designer Marita Fe Ganse, fashion blogger and designer Rosanna Aranaz, and actress Gretchen Barretto, who also graces the cover of this month’s issue. Rounding up the list are fashion blogger Ingrid Holm and shoe designer Ivy Kirzhner, who were both unable to make it that night.

Lloyda Lim wears a hat and dress by Mich Dulce. This is the best outfit for me out of those on the best-dressed list. Lloyda's quirky personality really shines in the way she dresses - minus the tell-tale baby bump! Check out her blog!

Gretchen Barretto wore a dress by Alexander McQueen. Gretchen is the star of the best-dressed; she's on the cover of the July issue. She's even wearing a McQueen ensemble, which we all know probably costs a modest fortune. But why does she look so...fugly? Her hair is limp and greasy-looking, the fit of her clothes make her look 10 pounds more than her actual weight. I like Gretchen's style, in general, but this one is definitely a miss.

Ann Villar-Jacobe wore a dress, clutch and peep-toes by Alexander McQueen. I love her look but her clutch looks off. The colors rather clash with the psychedelic print of her dress.

Garovs Garrovillo wearing a black dress by Proudrace with shoes by Melissa x Vivienne Westwood. Garovs still pulled off her signature cutesy look sans the bright and kitschy colors. Cute in severe black - what a mindfuck! Love her shoes. Saw them at Rustan's before. They certainly don't look like the molded rubber that they really are.

I have no info on Marita Fe Ganse's ensemble, but I find it really stunning as it complements her willowy, statuesque figure.

Rosanna Aranaz wore a dress by Jan Garcia. Rossana's sophisticated and romantic style as seen on her blog, Little Miss Dress Up, is taken to a whole new level with this beautiful flouncy dress. I love how she wore nude heels since it added a modern feel to the whole look. Others would stick with black or red.

 I have no info on Kaye Tinga and Aivee Aguilar's (below) outfit. But all I can say about the clothes is "meh". Pretty, but the safest among the best-dressed.

Now, on to the Preview editors:

 Preview's Agoo Bengzon wears a green cutout dress by Martin Bautista. Divine!

Preview's Daryl Chang wore a dress by Cary Santiago with a necklace by Gerry Sunga. Purple lips? Hell yeah! Daryl Chang's style is one that I can only think of as "flawless".

Preview's Eunice Lucero wearing a dress by Joel Escober.

Preview's Liz Uy wore a dress by Chris Diaz, a sculptural cover-up by Jun Escario with Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte heels.

Style Bible's Nikki Santiago wears a dress by Jerome Salaya Ang with custom-made shoes. 


Whew. Long post is long! I'd just like to thank both Revlon and Summit Media for inviting me to this event. It's a fashion observer's heaven! Until next time.

So, what do you think ladies? Your two cents in the comments, please!


All photos used with permission from Summit Media ( and Lawrence Arcangel. Please don't grab without permission from the said parties.