The new PLDT myDSL Watchpad Crew

I'm not into showbiz, but I've always admired the work and dedication that goes to making it in the entertainment industry. That's why I'm honored to be one of the judges for the finals of the Search for the Watchpad Crew. It's a contest for the next team of young endorsers for the online media streaming service of PLDT called Watchpad.

The girls

The guys

It was my first time to judge something, lol! It was a fun night just getting to know the contestants casually and finally picking the Blogger's Choice Awardee with fellow bloggers Hannah and Vince. To be quite honest, I initially didn't understand why bloggers were invited to judge a contest like this one. It was clear later on though - PLDT wanted representatives from the active internet community to help in picking winners that are well-versed in the cyberworld, and who better to know than bloggers? They also invited a panel of student journalists, lifestyle and entertainment writers from newspapers as well. 

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Me and Hannah. I'm glad we got to hang out!

Each panel of judges got to interview the contestants and rate them according to their answers. It was fun just getting to know the enthusiastic, confident, and engaging finalists. I was glad to know that these aren't dumb kids just picked for their looks - they all had clear goals and knew how to articulate them. They also knew how to carry themselves well.

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The program starting. Rhian Ramos and this guy whose name I didn't catch (please tell me if you know!) were the hosts of the night.

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Everyone was starting to get nervous...

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The contestants talking about their experiences during the contest

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Yassi Pressman won the Lifestyle Editor's Choice Award! I totally agree that she deserves it. She's a fun and spunky girl who knows how to rock the dance floor. PS, Kate Torralba is <3! I love how she dresses. After the contest I passed by her store, KT, and I saw her checking her merchandise. What a hardworking woman. I find her a really good role model.

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That's Nikko Ramos winning the Celebrity's Choice award...

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...he also won the Blogger's Choice Award, the Entertainment Editor's Choice Award, and Student Journalists Choice Award. Wow! Finally, the winners were announced.

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Congratulations to George Schulze, Jackie Milner, Blinky de Leon, Nikko Ramos and Yassi Pressman!

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Hope I can do more things like this in the future. It's fun! Thanks to Joem of Saatchi for inviting us. Until next time!


Some photos were grabbed from Benjie Tiongco of Imagine Nation. Do visit his site, he's a good wedding photographer!