Launch: Tightly Knit by Kate Torralba

Kate Torralba is best known for her bright and quirky designs that cater to those with young, adventurous hearts. For this summer she has created a daring but still wearable collection called Tightly Knit. I say daring because the collection has her trademark bright colors while also showing a lot of flesh and wearable because I can see Pinays, however conservative, wearing the pieces on the beach. I know I would!

Fit and lean. KT was inspired to do the collection when she did one of the pieces that's part of the grand prize in the Nestle Fitnesse Challenge contest last year. “I was inspired by a project with Nestle Fitnesse earlier this year, wherein a coat dress I made was given as a prize to one of the winners of the weight-loss challenge. It made me think about getting fit for the summer and showing off a great body,” she shares with Style Bible.

Close-up of the pretty knit fabric

I love the embellishments on the straps and neckline. Kate used large, colorful stones. Perfect for the beach!

This is my favorite outfit in the collection. It proves that you don't have to wear skimpy bikinis to look sexy.

This caftan is the...bomb! For lack of a better term. It's body-friendly and quite fashionable, even outside the beach.


Satchels. No-fuss and convenient ones, at that.

There is only one piece of each size for each style so you can bet that you won't catch anyone in the outfit! Of course, designer pieces like this come at a price. Nonetheless, if you want something KT without breaking the bank, you can check out her Leg Love leggings collection and her collaboration with Paper Dolls.

So, any thoughts on Tightly Knit? Yay or nay?

Me, Lauren, Kate Torralba, Noemi

PS - I met Chuvaness that night. She's nice! She's soft-spoken and not snobbish at all. I wish I got a picture with her too, but I was too shy. 


The collection is available at KT Store in Greenbelt 5, 2/fl.