Robinsons Midtown: Great fashion finds, free wifi

Do you love window shopping? I do! I feel happy when I see beautiful things. Satiating my aesthetic appetites aside, I also window shop because it's necessary for me to be updated on what's new in the real world. Being informed on what people are actually buying and wearing is crucial to my roles as fashion/beauty editor, businesswoman, and blogger. Purely online window shopping and research doesn't cut it.

That's why I was excited to visit Robinsons Midtown again. I haven't been there in ages! I used to frequent it during my college days, since UP Manila is just next door. It's a shopper's paradise - the high-end brands are there, not to mention the fact that the department store is actually well-stocked and updated. 

Did I mention a free wifi lounge, with comfy seats and clean tables? Midtown is a must-visit if you're in the area!

The fashion bloggers were also encouraged to invite a reader to the event. I asked Kira to go with me, since she's been reading my blog for years now, plus we're also friends! Haven't seen her since July. Sasha, Lauren, and Lizz were also there so we had time to catch up.

Looks like a floral print no? Those are skulls! She's wearing Aldo sandals.

So, are you guys ready to window shop? Here are some of our best finds at Robinsons Midtown! 


Accessorize is a UK brand selling, what else, accessories! I've never taken a close look at their store before, so I was floored and overwhelmed by all the gorgeous things inside. Caveat: the stuff are expensive. The cheapest pair of earrings I saw were selling at P900. 


Sigh. So pretty.


What a lovely melancholic necklace

Indian-inspired earrings

Kira with her fave bag find

So kitschy!

Blood-red petal ring



Double gasp! Most of the stuff were at P450

Are you seeing this? It's 50% off! P450.

This is also on sale. Around P600-700

My fave bag find. Check out the detail on this woven clutch!

50% off, forgot to look at the price.



Espada is a Thailand-based store that offers clothes that are in classic cuts as well as basic, nice-fitting office clothes. There are a few quirky finds here and there. The price range is not too bad - most of the pieces are under P2,000.

Sale season!

Lots of pretty accessories for P400-700

Accessory rack

My face find here: an old rose polka-dotted scarf with crochet detail

7 For All Mankind

This is a brand that Hollywood celebrities seem to prefer for reliable and stylish basics. I got sticker shocked several times though. The jeans were going for P10,000 up! Goodness. If you have the budget and you're looking for high-quality clothes, 7 For All Mankind may be the shop for you.

Crisp polos, flowy plain and printed tops, and jeans dominate the store

Found on the sale rack. If I remember correctly, it's around P3,000

Jeans, jeans, jeans

Pretty wedges, around P6,000

Light blue wool cardigan for P7,500

Dorothy Perkins

This store is an obvious choice. The clothes there are sooo me - feminine, but with an edge. The prices make me stop and think a bit, but I think they're fair. The range is P1,000 to P3,500 normally.

Would be perfect for my laptop. Around P2,500. Not bad!

Kira with her fave find: a military-inspired dress

My fave finds


Everyone's favorite. Basics, girly clothes, hippie and edgy pieces, you name it, they probably have it for you if you're 16-25 years old.

Flower bags

Kira's best find: Pugs not drugs! (she has a pug)

My fave find: mint green chiffon minidress

Flower headbands

Studs and sequins on a cardigan

Robinsons Department Store

This is my favorite point during the shopping tour. I've said that I shopped here a lot when I was in college. Compared to other Robinsons department stores, Midtown's has fashionable and updated choices to fit any budget. The space is also well-lit and well-managed. Kira and I hit the shoe area first!

Charles & Keith. I bought a pair (not in photo) which I will write about soon!


Jada. Only P750. Smallest size was 7! Drat it.

Australian. Looks like something you can get from Zara or Aldo. It's only P2,000, discounted because of the sale

I didn't get to take a picture of the department store clothes since I'm on a shoe phase. I just bought a denim tulip skirt.

Shopping at Topshop - Robinson's Midtown Mall | Style Manila - Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Manila Street Fashion

Sasha's best finds from Topshop. Love the bomber jacket she bought!

Pax's best finds at Dorothy Perkins too. Nice meeting you and Melai!

Lauren's best finds at Dorothy Perkins

Of course, I've told you what my best find is!

And that's it! What do you think, will you be visiting Midtown soon? What's your favorite out of the bunch here?