The Project Vanity Podcast, Ep 3 Recap: Wisdom from Angela Dinglasan, president of Zenutrients

Have you listened to the Project Vanity Podcast yet? ICYMI, Project Vanity has made it easier to learn about beauty via this new medium! If you don’t get the chance to read PV as much as you’d like, this is a great option to get your beauty fix while you’re on the go. Tune in as you do your skincare routine, or make the most of being stuck in traffic by listening in. 

In episode 3 of the podcast, Liz sits down with Angela Dinglasan, president of Greenhouse Inc. which runs Zenutrients. This local brand is best known for its extensive line of bath products, hair care, skincare, and wellness products. What sets them apart from other personal care options is the commitment to make organic products available to everyone. In doing so, the brand is able to give more opportunities to local farmers! Most importantly, Zenutrients celebrates being a proudly Filipino brand by using locally-sourced traditional ingredients such as coconut, gugo, aloe vera, and ginger. In fact, their Gugo Shampoo remains as their best-selling product! Their silicone-free conditioners are also very popular among curly-haired gals (myself included).


It was interesting to learn about the brand’s humble beginnings in the Sunday Legazpi Market in Makati as a Virgin Coconut Oil brand. That detail helped me to better appreciate how much of a risk it was for Angela to leave her cushy expat job to take over a small brand that she saw potential in. Deciding to become an entrepreneur is never easy!

What hit me the most was how she talked about “the never-ending guilt” she feels as a working mom. It was either she was at work and unable to spend time with her daughter, or with family and not focused on her business. In her case, especially, Zenutrients is actually her first “child”! I related to this the most because I myself have put off having children because I worry about how I will balance my work with raising a child. It was important to hear this because many mothers probably feel the same way, and it’s so important to know that we are not alone.

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Angela also offered several pieces of advice to would-be entrepreneurs: 

  • Work for someone else first to build networks and learn to handle someone else’s money while still staying safe

  • Try exploring different types of careers and be open to learning new skills because entrepreneurs need to wear different hats 

  • Find partners that will help you succeed because no one can do it on their own

I always feel happy for brands that thrive even in the vast sea of western and Asian beauty products. These local entrepreneurs are admirable for daring to play with the big boys. Even for those without entrepreneurial leanings, there’s a lot to learn about this brand. Hearing Angela talk about how they started and how they overcame challenges is an inspiring story. Angela proves that it’s possible to dream big and achieve it, and that making that leap of faith is well worth it. 

I look forward to hearing more talks with other local beauty entrepreneurs. Who would you like to hear from next?

Zenutrients is holding a special anniversary sale this August 8! The first 50 buyers get 50% off their total order, with the promo available at all Zenutrients kiosks.