Seven surprising ways to add coconuts to your skincare routine

Virgin coconut oil is famous the world over for its many health and beauty uses, but that's not the only coconut-derived ingredient that you can add to your routine. Ready to go loco for coco? We’ve got seven products that’ll have you covered from head to toe!

Leaders Coconut Bio Mask (P148 each at Leaders boutiques)

Sheet masks can be a huge boost to your skincare game, especially if your face is feeling a little dull and dry from day-to-day stress or partying it up too hard the night before. Leaders has come up with several variants to address various skin concerns, ranging from sagginess to loss of moisture, and we have nothing but raves for how this line can instantly brighten up the skin in just 20-25 minutes. There’s even enough liquid leftover in the pack to apply to other parts of your body that need the extra TLC!

Human Nature Perfect Glow Mineral Blush (P295 at Human Nature stores)

For the blushing beauty, Human Nature’s mineral blush contains coconut-derived caprylic/captric triglyceride, an emollient that helps maintain skin moisture. This way your natural-looking flush will keep your cheeks soft and supple as well! The blush comes in three flattering shades: Pink Bloom (matte, pictured here), Sun-Kissed (matte), and Pacific Shimmer.

Botany Works Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil (P230 at SESOU Nature Source)

Make like an A-list celebrity and try the Ayurvedic way of keeping your mouth fresh by oil-pulling. It’s somewhat of a challenge, because you’ll have to be able to swish the VCO around your mouth for 20 minutes. But hey, how does pearlier whites and a detoxed mouth sound? (We tried and yup, it works). Of course, VCO can also be used as a head-to-toe moisturizer too. You can even try out this nifty DIY hair mask recipe or this fun lip balm recipe with this super ingredient.

Erth Origins Age-Defense Soap (P99 for a pack of two at Watsons)

With both coconut oil and virgin coconut oil as main ingredients, you know you’ll be in for a treat with this paraben-free drugstore buy that’s suitable for use on both face and body. Some might say that oil-based soaps won’t feel as clean as their heavy-duty counterparts, but that’s just false. Erth Origins lathers up without much effort, so a single bar will last through many showers. Scrub yourself immaculate weekly with the exfoliating bits embedded in the soap.

Zenutrients Rich Cocoa Body Butter (P284 at Zenutrients stalls)

It smells like chocolate, but it’s got mostly coconut oil and VCO in there. This body butter feels more like body frosting, and it smells as delicious as a slice of chocolate cake! It gives non-greasy moisture that melts into your skin like water, making it ideal for daytime use.

CBeauty Universal Beauty Oil (P385 at

Spritz and go moisturizer? Genius! CBeauty has scented oils that’ll add a layer of relaxation to your daily skin-pampering routine. They also have a citronella variant, which doubles as a mosquito repellent. Perfect for keeping those pesky bites at bay!

Human Nature Chamomile Fresh Feminine Wash and Chamomile Cool Feminine Wash (P49.75 and P54.75 at Human Nature stores)

Even the skin down there can benefit from some coconut TLC. These pH-balanced, clinically-tested feminine washes contain three coconut-derived surfactants—namely, decyl glucoside, sodium cocoyl isethionate, and coco-glucoside—to give the gentlest cleanse. Chamomile Cool has the added bonus of containing menthol, for a more refreshing experience.

It’s no surprise that coconut is a versatile ingredient. Have you been incorporating it to your daily routine? Clue us in on what coco products you’re loving lately!

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