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The Project Vanity Podcast, Ep 4 Recap: The light and dark sides of skin whitening

If you’ve been a regular reader of Project Vanity, you’ve probably seen that we now have a podcast! I’ve been very excited since Liz and Den first announced it to the team as it’s something that I’ve long wanted for us to do. The topics have been very interesting but my favorite one so far is Episode 4, which discusses skin whitening

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The Project Vanity Podcast, Ep 3 Recap: Wisdom from Angela Dinglasan, president of Zenutrients

Have you listened to the Project Vanity Podcast yet? ICYMI, Project Vanity has made it easier to learn about beauty via this new medium! If you don’t get the chance to read PV as much as you’d like, this is a great option to get your beauty fix while you’re on the go. Tune in as you do your skincare routine, or make the most of being stuck in traffic by listening in. 

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The Project Vanity Podcast, Ep 2 Recap: Three life lessons from Nina Dizon, Colourette’s unstoppable CEO

I usually listen to music on my commute home, but this time I opted to download Episode 2 of the Project Vanity Podcast on my Spotify. While I don’t usually follow podcasts, this particular episode caught my interest because it appeals to my inner beauty journalist! I was particularly excited with this episode because  I wanted to know what insights Colourette Cosmetics owner Nina Dizon could share about running a beauty business. Can you believe that she started as a 19-year-old student?! Listen to her story here:

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The Project Vanity Podcast, Ep 1 Recap: What you need to know about fake makeup

I got excited when I first heard that Project Vanity was going to do its own podcast. Having a podcast would not only helps us connect to a bigger audience, this new platform allows for a continuity of discussion different from the flow of our written stories. Each episode builds upon educated yet candid beauty discussions that feel like a chat between friends. They also allow the community to literally hear from Liz, and from other luminaries in the local beauty scene!

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Project Vanity LIVE tonight!

Hi guys! Sorry for the late announcement, but yes, I will be airing my podcast, Project Vanity LIVE, tonight! It turns out I will be stuck at home tonight (too lazy to go out more like it) so I thought hey, why not talk to the Internet again! Most likely no one will watch but I don't mind so much. :P I hope you do watch though if you're just at home, I have so many cool finds to talk about.

This is your chance to get your beauty questions answered, live. Or any question I can answer, for that matter (i.e. blogging, career, personal questions, etc). Here's what will happen:

  • Beauty Sneak Peek. Be the first to see the latest products to hit Manila.
  • Food and Life In General. Adventures in shopping, some neat finds that make my life easier.
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Project Vanity LIVE on Ustream tonight! Plus a mini-giveaway

Hi everyone! I'm very excited to try something new for Project Vanity. Are you ready? Two words: live streaming! My podcast, which I've decided to call Project Vanity LIVE, will be on tonight at 9-10 pm.

I just wanted another outlet to share things I like that are outside of beauty and fashion. I love makeup and clothes and other pretty things but that's not all there is in my life. More importantly, I want to be able to interact with you guys! I've been receiving a lot of questions lately and it would be nice to answer them live as I would be able to demonstrate stuff. :)

Here's what's going to happen tonight:

  • Beauty Sneak Peek. Be the first to see the latest products to hit Manila.
  • Fresh from the Supermarket. Adventures in grocery shopping, some neat finds that make my life easier.

  • Issue of the Day. I will be commenting on an issue that I find relevant to women.
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Live Love Lolz

I met Karrots Nazareno two years ago at an event. Up to this day, she is the most hyper and kengkoy person I know! I admit I was a little sad when I find out that she's no longer with Anthology shoes, but it's hard to dwell on it what with her new show called Live Love Lolz. It's. A. Riot. I swear. I laugh out loud every episode (alone, like a crazy person). It has become a weekly Thursday ritual for me!

Live Love Lolz is a lifestyle show where Karrots talks about donya problems, her best finds, and interviews fascinating people. There are already four episodes available so do watch them all. My favorite so far is the one with the Bulbolizer. She's a fairly famous body waxer from way back in the 90s! Here's a trailer, you can watch the full episode here.


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