Project Vanity LIVE on Ustream tonight! Plus a mini-giveaway

Hi everyone! I'm very excited to try something new for Project Vanity. Are you ready? Two words: live streaming! My podcast, which I've decided to call Project Vanity LIVE, will be on tonight at 9-10 pm.

I just wanted another outlet to share things I like that are outside of beauty and fashion. I love makeup and clothes and other pretty things but that's not all there is in my life. More importantly, I want to be able to interact with you guys! I've been receiving a lot of questions lately and it would be nice to answer them live as I would be able to demonstrate stuff. :)

Here's what's going to happen tonight:

  • Beauty Sneak Peek. Be the first to see the latest products to hit Manila.
  • Fresh from the Supermarket. Adventures in grocery shopping, some neat finds that make my life easier.

  • Issue of the Day. I will be commenting on an issue that I find relevant to women.
  • Dog Diaries. What's up with Snaps The Ridiculously Photogenic Dog. What is he eating, what is he loving right now? 


  • Off the Shelf. My book of the moment and what I think about it.
  • Ask Liz! This is the part where I will answer your questions! Could be about beauty, blogging, or really anything you're interested in. If time and my limited expertise permits. :D So watch and be part of the discussion okay? 

There you go! I thought I'd start off with a wide range of topics so that I have more things to talk about. I encourage you to tune in if these are the sort of stuff you're into. To thank one lucky viewer, I will be giving away some items from Etude House! Secret muna, I'll tell you what it is during the podcast itself.

To win, just watch and comment here after the show: "What was your favorite moment on Project Vanity LIVE?" Best answer wins. :)

I'll Tweet the live stream link (I'm @lizlan), share it on my Facebook Page, and update this post so you know where to watch. So, see ya 9-10pm tonight!