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Brush Week: Suesh eye brushes

Do brushes make the artist? I'm inclined to say no. For me it's not the tools that make good makeup (or any creation for that matter), it's the vision of the artist behind the work. Some people acquire the skills while some are just plain talented, but in the end the beauty of the finished material is dictated by the person's creativity. 

Still, good, specialized brushes can make application easier and quicker. The results are also cleaner and better blended! That's why you should only use brushes that have nice, soft hair and a shape that does what it's meant to do. Naturally the best brushes costs a pretty penny, but there is always one within your budget - just make sure to look and compare!

I have reviewed many brushes for you guys in the past. This week I'll be reviewing a few new ones I haven't featured yet. So, without further blabber, I present to you Project Vanity's Brush Week!

I'm gonna start with three brushes I purchased from Suesh early this year. I love these eye brushes since they are fairly affordable, soft, and excel in applying eyeshadow. I have been using the Large Eyeshadow Brush and the Pointed Blending Brush almost exclusively since I got them. As in, I panic whenever I don't find them in my table!

Let's begin with the Large Eyeshadow Brush (P400). It's made of stiff yet soft sable hair that's great at picking up and packing in powder eyeshadows. I actually prefer to use this kind of flat, rounded brush for my lids instead of the usual fluffy ones - it just works better in making the colors vibrant!

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That great Avon Train Case

When I started to get into makeup I harbored the secret fantasy of becoming a makeup artist. I never did push through with it though, because I'm not as happy about applying makeup on other people as writing about it! My forte really is writing, hence this blog. I enjoy the process of gathering information and sharing it.

As my dreams of becoming a makeup artist faded away, I do still want to own a makeup artist's ultimate symbol: the train case. That's why I was blown away when Avon handed me this awesome train case made by Suesh. The huge case was full of goodies Avon thoughtfully put in! This will sound really cheesy, but thanks Avon for making one of my dreams come true! Haha. 

Curious to see what's inside? Click click!

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