Brush Week: Suesh eye brushes

Do brushes make the artist? I'm inclined to say no. For me it's not the tools that make good makeup (or any creation for that matter), it's the vision of the artist behind the work. Some people acquire the skills while some are just plain talented, but in the end the beauty of the finished material is dictated by the person's creativity. 

Still, good, specialized brushes can make application easier and quicker. The results are also cleaner and better blended! That's why you should only use brushes that have nice, soft hair and a shape that does what it's meant to do. Naturally the best brushes costs a pretty penny, but there is always one within your budget - just make sure to look and compare!

I have reviewed many brushes for you guys in the past. This week I'll be reviewing a few new ones I haven't featured yet. So, without further blabber, I present to you Project Vanity's Brush Week!

I'm gonna start with three brushes I purchased from Suesh early this year. I love these eye brushes since they are fairly affordable, soft, and excel in applying eyeshadow. I have been using the Large Eyeshadow Brush and the Pointed Blending Brush almost exclusively since I got them. As in, I panic whenever I don't find them in my table!

Let's begin with the Large Eyeshadow Brush (P400). It's made of stiff yet soft sable hair that's great at picking up and packing in powder eyeshadows. I actually prefer to use this kind of flat, rounded brush for my lids instead of the usual fluffy ones - it just works better in making the colors vibrant! 

I wouldn't have considered this kind of brush before, until I observed that all Shu Uemura makeup artists use a similar brush on their models. They barely need any other eyeshadow brush to complete the look, even complex ones! True enough, this particular brush can also apply and blend eyeshadow on the crease and brow bones with precision.

In the (almost) five months I've been using it this brush has kept its shape and quality well. It did not shed or bleed when I washed it. :) It's my favorite eyeshadow brush right now! Holy Grail? Hell yeah. I use the Large one but if you have smaller eyes then you should check out the Small and Medium sizes.

Next up is the Suesh Pointed Blending Brush (P450). This is my second favorite brush for my eyes. It's amazing at applying eyeshadows on the crease and blending everything together. It's made of black sable hair - super soft - that doesn't poke my eyes. It's also the right shape for me.

I remember it bleeding a little the first time I washed it. It also shed about three hairs since then, but I don't mind. It still looks as fresh as the day I bought it five months ago.

Last but not least, here's the Mini Angled Contour Brush (P350). It's also made of soft, sable hair like the first two. I intended it as a brush for applying eyebrow powder, but it's just so-so at that job. It's best for detail work around the crease and lower lids. You know the outer-v area on our lids? This is the brush for applying tricky dark eyeshadow for a smoky look.

It's also great for smudging kohl eyeliner on the upper and lower lids.

This is a little bigger than the average eyebrow brush

It's stiff and precise. It does sort of splay out after a few washes though, but it's nothing a brush guard can't fix.

So those are my Suesh brushes. :) Love them and I do highly recommend them for girls who need specialized brushes. They're inexpensive, too. I prefer to pick out individual brushes but Suesh also sells sets if you want better value for your money.