That great Avon Train Case

When I started to get into makeup I harbored the secret fantasy of becoming a makeup artist. I never did push through with it though, because I'm not as happy about applying makeup on other people as writing about it! My forte really is writing, hence this blog. I enjoy the process of gathering information and sharing it.

As my dreams of becoming a makeup artist faded away, I do still want to own a makeup artist's ultimate symbol: the train case. That's why I was blown away when Avon handed me this awesome train case made by Suesh. The huge case was full of goodies Avon thoughtfully put in! This will sound really cheesy, but thanks Avon for making one of my dreams come true! Haha. 

Curious to see what's inside? Click click!

The top level contains all 20 shades of the newly reformulated Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick. I believe that these are new colors! I initially planned to give away a few of them here on Project Vanity, but after trying one out today, I decided to keep all 20 tubes to myself. Nyahaha. UMR is one of the smoothest, creamiest lipsticks I've tried to date. It definitely doesn't feel P199.

Aside from the lipsticks, I also received the Ideal Shade Liquid (P530) and Dual Powder (P399) foundations. You remember I reviewed the liquid foundation and was impressed by the pretty finish. I want to try the Dual Powder formula, so I'm also keeping that for personal use!

I also got Glimmerstick Liners, a concealer, single mineral eyeshadows and blush. You can already guess that I'm having a pretty major Avon giveaway, right? Wait for eet! 


Detachable shelves make it the perfect thing to just put on the dressing table if I'm not traveling. How cool is that?

I plan to use the bag as an overnight/ weekender bag. It's big enough and has neat pockets.

Loving this. I'm excited to move some of my makeup to this case. Once again, thanks Avon! Anyhoo, follow Avon Philippines' Facebook page for updates and exciting contests.


PS This train case was sent for PR purposes. I am not paid to blog about Avon, in case you're wondering. :)