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Sebago x Ronnie Fieg Collection

After visiting the Sebago store in Rockwell, I excitedly showed my friends what I got. "But I can't see you wearing them!" they said. Haha. Well, I admit that my style verges on the semi-formal, but the truth is I only reserve that look for work functions. You should see me at the grocery. I'm all about shorts and t-shirts that I wear until they crumble.

So anyway, yes, I paid a visit to the Sebago store in Rockwell last Thursday. They kindly invited me to pick a new pair for myself - totally out of the blue! I wasn't expecting such a nice gift from them, but hey, I'm just thankful. You know I have loved their boat shoes ever since I got my first one two years ago.

It was my first time to check out the brand's Artisan-concept store. It's a small space, but you can see that they maximized the one wall they had. Dramatic lighting, a faded brick wall, and leather-wrapped shelves added a homey yet sophisticated feel to the place.

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Why Sebago?

Remember my visit to Sebago last year? That was one of my favorite features because the pink Sebago Docksides I took home then ended up being one of my best shoes. After more than a year of using them whenever I'm not in heels, they're still in great condition, albeit a little dirty.

Take note ha, I've walked them in filthy floods and extremely hot weather where even asphalt fillings would melt. They're still true and totally worth the price! Count me a fan. So when Sebago asked me to visit them again, I wasted no time. Check out some of their new designs:

Felucca Lace

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My pink Sebago Docksides

IMG_1184 by project_vanity.

I liked the silver and blue, but pink is still my favorite color! I ended up snagging these dark pink Sebago Docksides because I figured it will go with more outfits and look less dirty over time. See there, that's me being practical. I want to be able to wear these for as long as possible!

IMG_1040 by project_vanity.

IMG_1045 by project_vanity.

I've been using these boating shoes for a week so much I'm actually even wearing it right now. The insides are lined with super soft leather. I love how the shoes hug my feet and feel light even with the thick rubber sole. They're made for walking - in style, of course!

IMG_1051 by project_vanity.

Anyway, as promised, here are a few outfits that I came up with these shoes!


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