My pink Sebago Docksides

IMG_1184 by project_vanity.

I liked the silver and blue, but pink is still my favorite color! I ended up snagging these dark pink Sebago Docksides because I figured it will go with more outfits and look less dirty over time. See there, that's me being practical. I want to be able to wear these for as long as possible!

IMG_1040 by project_vanity.

IMG_1045 by project_vanity.

I've been using these boating shoes for a week so much I'm actually even wearing it right now. The insides are lined with super soft leather. I love how the shoes hug my feet and feel light even with the thick rubber sole. They're made for walking - in style, of course!

IMG_1051 by project_vanity.

Anyway, as promised, here are a few outfits that I came up with these shoes!

IMG_1172 by project_vanity.

IMG_1173 by project_vanity.

IMG_1175 by project_vanity.

IMG_1182 by project_vanity.

IMG_1183 by project_vanity.

IMG_1043 by project_vanity.

Seriously, I need to update my closet. Summer is done and I need edgier stuff.