Sebago x Ronnie Fieg Collection

After visiting the Sebago store in Rockwell, I excitedly showed my friends what I got. "But I can't see you wearing them!" they said. Haha. Well, I admit that my style verges on the semi-formal, but the truth is I only reserve that look for work functions. You should see me at the grocery. I'm all about shorts and t-shirts that I wear until they crumble.

So anyway, yes, I paid a visit to the Sebago store in Rockwell last Thursday. They kindly invited me to pick a new pair for myself - totally out of the blue! I wasn't expecting such a nice gift from them, but hey, I'm just thankful. You know I have loved their boat shoes ever since I got my first one two years ago.

It was my first time to check out the brand's Artisan-concept store. It's a small space, but you can see that they maximized the one wall they had. Dramatic lighting, a faded brick wall, and leather-wrapped shelves added a homey yet sophisticated feel to the place.

Even with the small space, there was a suitable number of shoes to choose from. I wish they had more selections for women though - I think less than 20% of all the shoes available were for the ladies. If you're a girl and you want to see more options, its best to check out the bigger Sebago stores like in Megamall and MOA.

Headlining this season's Sebago collection is a collaboration with shoe designer Ronnie Fieg. The women's shoes came in the traditional Docksides template but with cute color combos, but there are two new designs: moccasins with side fringes and one-strap Docksides. 

The Sebago x Ronnie Fieg collection produced some exciting shoes for men. Aside from the gorgeous color and material combos, they have perfectly-shaped boots with cool fringes in strategic places.

One of the few times I wished I was a guy! Or at least, that Sebago made some of these in women's sizes. :P After taking pics, it was time for me to pick my new shoes. It came down to black fringed moccasins and the moss-green Docksides (both from the Ronnie Fieg collection).

Can you guess which one I chose?

Surprise, surprise.

I'll post a separate feature wearing them soon. I just love the complicated, faded green these shoes came in! Definitely unique. :)

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