Why Sebago?

Remember my visit to Sebago last year? That was one of my favorite features because the pink Sebago Docksides I took home then ended up being one of my best shoes. After more than a year of using them whenever I'm not in heels, they're still in great condition, albeit a little dirty.

Take note ha, I've walked them in filthy floods and extremely hot weather where even asphalt fillings would melt. They're still true and totally worth the price! Count me a fan. So when Sebago asked me to visit them again, I wasted no time at all. Check out some of their new designs:

Felucca Lace

Ladies' Docksides



Calypso Bow

Saranac Tall

The men's shoes also looked great. I really wanted to get these brogues, but sadly, there are no small sizes. :(


So there you go! If you're looking for new boat shoes or just any shoes that you know you'll use forever, you should consider investing in a Sebago pair. Seriously, they'll never go out of style or break down on you in months. There's a reason the brand is 65 years old, you know.

I'll post the pair I got soon. Can you guess which one I took home? ;)