Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Ylang-ylang Body Wash

When I was younger and still living in my parents house, an ylang-ylang plant used to grow near my window. It bloomed only seasonally, but when it did, our house smelled like flowers. I always looked forward to evenings when the ylang-ylang would open up; I loved lying in bed just smelling it and listening to cheesy songs on the radio.

Well, the ylang-ylang is gone now and I no longer listen to the radio, but the memory still remains with me. It's not something I think about on a normal day, but when I got the Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Ylang-ylang Body Wash (~P200), I was pleasantly reminded of those bygone, simpler days.

Nostalgia aside, I like this Yves Rocher body wash because it lathers up nicely and doesn't dry my skin. It's a basic body wash that does the job without fuss! The real killer is the scent. For one, you won't find many ylang-ylang scented washes anywhere. You can find a strawberry, grape, jasmine, pomegranate, what-have-you, but not ylang-ylang.

I like that the scent doesn't smell too chemically processed and that it lasts for an hour or so on the skin. Great stuff. Obviously you should get this if you're into ylang-ylang, but if you're not, then perhaps you should check out Yves Rocher's other scented body washes. ;) As for me you can bet that I'll be finishing this off.

What's your current body wash?

Yves Rocher is available in SM North EDSA and Southmall.