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Five low pH cleansers for every budget (plus their exact pH level)

A low pH cleanser is the best kind you can use for your skin, and this holds true for all skin types and concerns. The super gentle formula is perfect for sensitive skin, won’t dry out dehydrated skin, helps prevent acne in troubled skin, balances out oily skin, and leaves dry skin feeling soft and supple. Most low pH cleansers are formulated to match the skin’s natural pH level of 5.5, which allows the proper and healthy maintenance of the acid mantle.

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New from Nivea: A review of their new zero-alcohol makeup remover + facial washes

Nivea is a pioneering skincare brand. Can you believe that their best-selling cream was first introduced way back in 1911? Personally, I have fallen in love with their Facial Cleansing Wipes for those long days where I'm simply too tired for multiple cleansing steps. But here’s exciting news that will #ChangeTheWayYouCleanse: Nivea just launched two new Zero-Alcohol Cleansers with Liza Soberano as the official ambassador!

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This is why soap is bad for your face

We strongly advocate the use of low pH cleansers for the facial skin here at Project Vanity. It's not just a matter of preference; low pH cleansers actually function to preserve the acidic mantle that keeps our skin healthy. Unfortunately, there are products marketed for facial cleansing that have high pH levels. They may come in the form of bars, foams, creams or even gels but for this discussion, we'll refer to this kind of cleansers as "soaps". If you use soap to cleanse your face, you may want to stop for a moment and read on why it’s doing you more harm than good.

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What is the "skin barrier" and what should you do to keep it intact?

Our skin is an amazing part of our body. It’s the largest organ because it covers us from head to toe. The skin on the face is delicate and is usually more sensitive than other parts. Fortunately, skin has a layer of protection that's called the skin barrier. This is basically the topmost layer of the skin that protects from bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances. A healthy skin barrier on our faces keeps it hydrated and acne-free so if you're experiencing skin trouble, it's possible that your skin's barrier is not at its best state.

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Staff Picks: Our skincare routines when we're tired AF

While skincare challenges like trying 10-step skincare, 7-skin method, and everyday masking are fun and sometimes worth the effort, there are also days when we just can't be bothered with our regular routine. When we're dead-ass tired from a very long day and desperately want to go to bed, our skincare regimen gets shortened to just a few products. We still want good skin, after all, and dread waking up to find a nasty breakout so even the smallest effort can make a difference. 

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For the lazy daisies: Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser for face and eyes

One of these days I'm going to write a post on five beauty products that every crazy lazy girl needs. Why? Because we all have days when we don't want to do the whole song and dance on our faces. We either want to head out or take it all off ASAP, sometimes! I just want to tell you that it's okay to cut corners and/or simplify your routine if you're just not feeling it. It's your face, it's your call.

Anyway, one of my recent fave finds is the Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser for face and eyes (P1,195). I've actually had this bottle since December but it's only now that I'm truly appreciating it. I thought it caused me to break out but this wasn't the culprit after all! I've since enjoyed how it has simplified my face cleansing routine.

If you wear light makeup, or even a medium amount of makeup, this is all you need to take it off and cleanse your face at the same time. This pale yellow liquid isn't foaming at all which might be weird to those used to sudsy facial washes, but it's pretty effective nonetheless.

It has a mild soapy scent. It doesn't sting my eyes but it tastes extremely bitter - so don't lick your lips even if you think you've washed off the product! 

I squirt a peso-sized amount on my dry palms and then massage it all over my face. I focus on my eyes, gently easing off the eyeliner, eyeshadow, and non-waterproof mascara off with small circular strokes using the tips of my fingers. No sting there so I'm not worried to really massage Purity in. Be prepared for cloudy eyes though, if a lot of the stuff gets in!

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Reader question: Should I invest on a cleanser or a moisturizer?

Should I invest more on a cleanser or moisturizer? :) - Amor

Hi Amor! Ideally you'd spend for both since these are the two most important beauty products for your face, but if you only have a limited budget yet still want the best - I say splurge on a moisturizer! Facial washes aren't really meant to stay on skin, so any active ingredients they may have won't get the chance to work properly. Those Vitamin E, green tea, chamomile oil and other similar chorva? They won't make a difference on your face if delivered via facial wash.

However, some facial washes have certain ingredients that absorb oil (commonly kaolin clay or any type of clay) and possibly dry up pimples (salicylic acid). These ingredients can have an immediate effect on skin! Good cleansers with these potent ingredients that work WITHOUT drying up skin can cost a pretty penny. It's a thin line. That's why I don't mind coughing up for my  Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser.

Expensive moisturizers do make a huge difference on skin, in my experience. They have all sorts of cool ingredients that can give you what your skin needs.

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Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser

Meet Sara, the blogger behind I Play The Villain. Here she reviews the Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser. After using it for a couple of weeks, she finds that she loves it!

Ever since that recent trip to the dermatologist and how I was forced to go makeup-free for a week, that's when it really sunk in that makeup can only help you with so much. In fact, if you have (or like) to wear makeup every day, you must also take meticulous care of the base on which you apply all that: the skin.

The skin (face) is often something that most people take for granted; funny, considering that's where all the stress, the abuse and the evidence of carelessness, shows up.

After my trip to the derma, I re-evaluated the skincare I was using. My original facial wash claims to remove all the dirt on one's face; deep cleansing, as it were. I love it enough for it to be HG material for me, but truth is, it has a tendency to dry out my skin. Moreso, since I use it twice (sometimes thrice) a day. I also dislike that tight feeling after washing it off and I thought I could somehow live with it.

Then I picked up the Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser (P200).

What I love about it

  • After weeks of using this, I could tell that my skin became smoother and more moisturized. Sometimes, I can even get away with skipping my moisturizing night cream and my face won't feel parched the morning after. 
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Dove Foaming Makeup Remover

One product I've only recently tried is the Dove Foaming Makeup Remover (P350). It was introduced to beauty writers just last Tuesday at the Watsons Beauty Lab so it's literally fresh off the shelves.

It's a great product, but I have to say that it's not new. Pond's has the same thing called the Gold Radiance Boosting Cleansing Mousse which they launched last October. I'm a fan of it alright (I finished off a 150ml bottle), but it has limitations - it can't take off eyeliner or mascara so it's really more for removing face makeup. The Dove Foaming Makeup Remover has no such limitation! It comes with a couple of caveats though.

What I love about the product

  • Melts off face makeup (foundation, concealer, powder, blush) quickly and efficiently. It dissolves eyeliner and non-waterproof mascara with gentle rubbing so it's a one-stop makeup remover for the whole face.
  • A little goes a long way. I use three pumps for my whole face.
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Currently using: Mario Badescu skincare

I've read about Mario Badescu years before in magazines, but my curiosity was piqued when Kristine of Temptalia raved about it in 2009. I never got to try it though because I had the impression that MB products are expensive, but that idea is quite off the mark!

On a trip to Rustan's Makati the other day I chanced by the wall of Mario Badescu skincare in the Essences section (near the Glorietta 4 area). I quickly checked the price and saw that the Drying Cream (for drying acne) was only P795. Well, it's not dirt cheap, but it's certainly not expensive.

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What's new at L'Oreal

It's hard to keep track of all the latest skincare products, at the rate and speed they're being released! It's all for the better, don't you think? More choices means more potential solutions to our beauty problems and better prices. Anyway, L'Oreal Paris is one brand that just came out with three products that targets major market concerns: cleansing (for men), whitening (for women), and smoothing/priming for makeup users out there.

The Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Foam (195) is designed to cleanse and mattify skin. It's for men who are concerned with oily skin that's exposed to a lot of pollution and stress. I think it's a pretty basic cleanser, as male skincare products go! This might not be for us girls, but there's no reason to NOT give this to our guy friends. It will benefit us in the long run, dare I say!

The White Perfect Day Cream SPF17/PA++ (P595) offers UV protection and promises whitening using melanin-blocking ingredients. It's light and non-greasy as promised - heaven sent in a world of uncomfortable day creams with SPF - but use it sparingly if you have oily skin!

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