Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser

Meet Sara, the blogger behind I Play The Villain. Here she reviews the Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser. After using it for a couple of weeks, she finds that she loves it!

Ever since that recent trip to the dermatologist and how I was forced to go makeup-free for a week, that's when it really sunk in that makeup can only help you with so much. In fact, if you have (or like) to wear makeup every day, you must also take meticulous care of the base on which you apply all that: the skin.

The skin (face) is often something that most people take for granted; funny, considering that's where all the stress, the abuse and the evidence of carelessness, shows up.

After my trip to the derma, I re-evaluated the skincare I was using. My original facial wash claims to remove all the dirt on one's face; deep cleansing, as it were. I love it enough for it to be HG material for me, but truth is, it has a tendency to dry out my skin. Moreso, since I use it twice (sometimes thrice) a day. I also dislike that tight feeling after washing it off and I thought I could somehow live with it.

Then I picked up the Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser (P200).

What I love about it

  • After weeks of using this, I could tell that my skin became smoother and more moisturized. Sometimes, I can even get away with skipping my moisturizing night cream and my face won't feel parched the morning after. 
  • Effective when removing makeup, just make sure you devote time to massaging the product on to your face to melt the makeup. I double checked by using my default makeup remover afterwards and there was barely any gunk left 
  • It's tailored for normal to dry skin (me!) 
  • Scentless 
  • Inexpensive at Php 199.75 
  • Moisturizes without being greasy 
  • You can feel how clean your face is! I can even get that "squeaky" effect without the taut feeling 
  • This did NOT break me out  


What I don't like about it

  • This facial wash isn't foamy. Personally, I don't find that as a problem. However, if you're not familiar with it, you might feel that it's not doing performing as well as foamy facial washes do. 
  • I cannot predict how this will work on those with oily skin, as it is made for the dry folks 
  • I made the mistake of cracking an eye open during use. This stuff stings a little. 


The Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser is an inexpensive product that works best for those with normal to dry skin. However, there are different variants so maybe you can choose which one will cooperate with your skin.


I'm no stranger to the brand as my body soap / beauty bar is also from Dove. I'm just not sure why I ignored this for as long as I could. I think this just replaced my old facial wash. I will definitely be using this from now on!

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