Staff Picks: How we get our faces squeaky clean (but not dry!)

Have you ever experienced loving your FOTD so much that you were just tempted to sleep with it on, in the hopes of extending that fab look to the next day? It’s definitely a terrible idea but I’m sure it’s crossed your mind a few times. No matter how expensive or hypoallergenic or fortified with skin-caring ingredients your makeup is, at the end of the day, it all has to come off! Oil, sweat and dirt will have mixed in with your cosmetics, and aside from feeling gross, the combo can cause pimples and other irritations to your skin.

For us PV girls, having a separate makeup remover from our facial wash is a must because it’s the surest way to remove any and all traces of product from our faces. If you don’t use any yet, check out our guide to finding the right makeup remover for you or try your hand at some easy DIY wipes. And before you wash up, do check out our video on the right way to wash your face – it’s simple, easy, and makes so much of a difference on how clean your face can be!

Liz: I don't have an elaborate cleansing routine, but I rotate a lot of favorites depending on what I need at the moment. I go for the April Skin Magic Soap for quick, general cleansing - it removes even water resistant makeup so it's my after tennis and I'm-feeling-lazy-tonight cleanser haha. 

For a more thorough job though, I double cleanse with micellar water + a facial wash. I am currently trying out the La Mer Micellar Water and it's pretty good! Very little goes a long way, but it's quite expensive. Bifesta is still a great daily option. For facial wash, my old HG Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser still floats my boat. When my skin feels dull and needs to slough off the bad juju, the AHA Wash Cleansing (got it from Tokyo but it's already available here) does a quick job of it.

When the dead skin is too much though the Cure Aqua Gel remains my fave!

Den: I purchased this huge bottle of Bioderma Sensibio two years ago so I could remove my wedding makeup. It’s pricey but I’ve been so matipid with its use that I still have about half left! I find that it takes a lot of it to remove waterproof makeup though, so I use Tony Moly Sherbet Cleanser to massage heavier formulas off. I then wash up with Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Cleansing Gel, which I work into a thick lather and gently buff on my face with a konjac sponge.  The latter is a recent addition to my routine, and I’m definitely a convert!

Angela: Whether I have makeup on or not, I always use a micellar water first before anything else. Right now, I use the Maybelline Micellar Water. After that, I cleanse my face with a facial wash. Because I have so much acne going on right now, I decided to use a BHA facial wash, the Garnier Pure Active Anti-acne White Clearing Foam.  Then I tone my face with Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel, which I actually combined with a drugstore-bought salicylic acid – this is the only thing that seems to be effective for my acne so far.

Gett: I wash my face twice a day with Dove Sensitive Mild Facial Wash. When I get home from work, I make sure to remove all my makeup first with Maybelline Micellar Water before washing my face. Double cleansing has really helped clear out my face of dirt and grime, and I don't break out as much!

Charlie: Since I'm acne-prone, my cleansing products are usually powered with salicylic acid. I remove my makeup using cleansing wipes, and wash my face with cleanser and toner. My long love is Neutrogena's Deep Clean Facial Cleanser and Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Toner. This duo helps remove the dirt from my face, dries up existing pimples, and keeps my skin feeling clean and cool.

Claire: I like using my konjac sponge for my morning cleansing. It's very gentle on my sensitive skin, but exfoliates exceptionally well. As soon as I get home from work, I like using cleansing wipes to rid my face of dirt, oil, and some of my makeup so I can cuddle with my kids ASAP! The rest of my cleansing routine happens before bed. My fave makeup remover is Banila Co. Clean It Zero. I then double cleanse with a foaming facial wash.

Marielle: To remove makeup, I alternate between Chica Y Chico Killing Star Cleanser (from Althea PH) and Nuxe Reve de Miel Cleansing Gel, depending on the amount of makeup I have on. For days when I have several layers of base makeup and/or primer, I opt for Killing Star's incredible emulsifying powers. For the lighter makeup, Nuxe does the trick. I wash with Hada Labo Ultimate Moisturizing Face Wash, because I find that it lathers up well but doesn't feel tight on the skin afterwards.

Jenn: My night cleansing routine starts with the Biore Cleansing Oil to remove the day's makeup. For heavy eye makeup, I use Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover. Then I follow with the Murad Clarifying Cleanser, primarily for acne treatment and prevention.

Crystal: I take off my makeup with Shu Uemura cleansing oil first. It's expensive but I like it because it has skincare properties, too. And then I lather a pimple-fighting acne wash like Peter Thomas Roch with a Clarisonic brush.

Stacie: My cleansing routine is quite simple. I remove my makeup using Bifesta's Micellar Water and/or Eye Makeup Remover. I use around 2-3 pumps for two cotton pads, which I soak at the same time. After, I double cleanse with Banila Co.'s Tea Party Cleanser in Rose and Jasmine. I wash my face with a foaming cleanser twice a day.

Do you share any of our favorites? What does your cleansing routine look like? We’d love to know what your recos are!