Rave: the Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover

You know how when someone travels out of the country and they won't shut up about the place they went to? I don't want to be that person! I want to act cool and cosmopolitan about it, like I do it all the time. 

But I'll be annoying and come out with it: I love Tokyo. I want to go there again. I feel an ache in my heart where there is a Tokyo-shaped hole. If I can, I'd fly out right now, but I have a lot of obligations at work. Siiiiiiigh. I plan to go in the fall but that's like three months away!

Anyway, speaking of Tokyo, here's something that I spotted in a drugstore the first time I was there: the Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover (P300 in Watsons). Bifesta is a brand that you can't possibly miss in the Japanese drugstore beauty scene - it's literally everywhere! There are several products in the line aside from what we have here, which used to be just the Bifesta Makeup Remover (the micellar water). Finally, the Eye Makeup Remover is here to complete our cleansing routine!

I LOVE THIS STUFF. It's highly effective in removing even the most difficult waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and get this, it doesn't sting or make the eyes cloudy. It's a mix of oil and I suppose, the trademark Bifesta water-based remover (just a guess). Nonetheless it doesn't feel greasy on the eyes! It rinses off cleanly with facial wash, leaving no oily residue.

So how do you I use it? I shake the bottle first to mix the oil and water, then soak up a cotton pad with the liquid. I place the pad on top of my closed eyes, massaging gently, for about 15 seconds to let the product sort of break down the waterproof mascara. Then I wipe it away! I go back until there is no more mascara left (about two to three passes).

If you know how much mascara I use, then you know why I stuck to the Shiseido Lip & Eye makeup remover - an amazing product to be sure, but incredibly expensive for a makeup remover. It costs about P2,150! 0_0 To be fair though it takes forever to use up. I've had it for over a year now and I'm only half way through.

The Bifesta is quite the same thing but for much, much less. It's only 300 bucks! It's almost the same price as in Tokyo! Now that's crazy. I use this Eye Makeup Remover only for waterproof mascara btw. For non-waterproof stuff, the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion works well enough.

I'm so happy with these two! ^_^ Now I can wear waterproof mascara WHENEVER, as in I never have to worry about removing it afterwards. Go check Bifesta out, if you haven't yet. Your cleansing routine will never be the same again.