New colors to set your heart a-flutter from Happy Skin

Everybody has problems, and you shouldn't be one of them. We're all miserable at some point and this makes us insensitive towards other people's equally real misery. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we stopped thinking we're at the center of the universe? Next time, perhaps, when you feel like probing or pushing another person's limits just...stop. Help her, instead.

This doesn't relate to anything going on in my life right now, in case you're wondering. I was just thinking about Robin Williams's suicide and how it could have been avoided if more people just cared about him. :( 

But on to happier things. Last week, proudly homegrown brand Happy Skin Cosmetics just launched three new Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie (P499) shades! These are permanent, unlike the set released last summer.  The new trio contains amazing, wearable colors that might just make us feel better that The Morning After is almost out of stock. Speaking of TMA, I wish that Happy Skin would make it permanent! *nudgenudge*

Anyway, I won't go in detail about the formula since I've reviewed the Shut Up & Kiss Me before. I'll just be sharing swatches and color notes for your reference! Let's get it on!

Playing Footsie is a bright fuchsia that has what looks like pink micro-glitter. It's not shimmery or frosty though - it's just shiny, perhaps the shiniest out of all the Shut Up & Kiss Mes. They're mostly satin as you know!

This color will suit any skin tone as it's blue-based. Can't go wrong with this pink, if you're digging it! It's way brighter and pinker than Girl's Night Out, and leaning more violet-y versus Summer Crush. (See table below for the reference).

Just Say Yes is a satiny ballet pink. It's a bit peachy so it would suit warm, Filipina skin tones like mine. I didn't think I'd like this all that much, but as you can see in my picture below, it's completely flattering on my medium yellow skin! It's nothing like Valentine Kiss and Just Married, which are both decidedly cool - too cool for some of us.

This is a teeny bit streaky, but I just let one layer dry fist before adding another one to get the max opacity.


Honeymoon Glow is my favorite out of the three, though! Happy Skin describes it as a terracotta nude and I agree - it has that brick-brown color to it but it's quite subdued if you have medium to dark skin. If you have fair to light-medium skin though, this will not count as a nude lipstick! Just Say Yes would be that for you.

I love Honeymoon Glow because it's the perfect everyday color for me. Compared to The Morning After, it's more brown with a hint of peachiness to it. Both are excellent! It's also similar to Crushing On You but this one is more pigmented and leans more brown-red.

Overall, I highly recommend these three Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies if you're looking for new affordable colors to add in your daily makeup kit. These are permanent so there's no rush to collect them - unlike last summer! - but they are definitely worth getting now if only because they're so pretty. Haha. Let me know what you think! What's your fave out of these new shades?