Under 500 Lipstick Week: All shades of the Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies

If you haven't noticed yet, Happy Skin lippies are among my favorites. I would recommend them to anyone who has 500 bucks to spare on a lippie that they will actually use up till the last drop! The Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie (P499) is such a great find because it's moisturizing, long-wearing, pigmented, and just plain fun to use. 


I've tried the quite a few similarly-priced lipsticks but the SUKML is what I pick up the most. You know how sometimes you only have a few seconds to decide what to use because you need to run out? All too often, it's an HS lippie for me as lip color is last thing I wear when I put on makeup. It's the most reliable and wearable, IMHO, especially The Morning After! It's my favorite MLBB in the 500-below price range. 


I won't say more - I just really wanted to show you the rest of the Happy Skin lippies that I have. There's three more that I haven't featured here yet, and to celebrate the completion, I compiled all my swatches into one image (plus quick notes) for everybody's reference. Enjoy!



Crushing On You is Happy Skin's first stab at getting the perfect MLBB. It's a great browny color that leans towards peach, compared to The Morning After, which is more mauve. This  has a medium coverage but it can be opaque after a couple of layers.


Summer Fling is a dainty coral pink that his mother would love on a future bride. It's a safe, pretty color that any skin tone would look good in. It's a bit streaky in the first layer but it's solid in the second.

I just noticed that it looks similar to Crushing On You up there, but in person it's a lot more pink. I shot the images in low light so some of the brightness of color is diffused.


My First Time is a true, bright red. It's not warm nor cool, making it a red that anybody can wear. Very pigmented! One layer is enough to get opaque coverage.

Here are all of the Shut Up & Kiss me shades, for comparison. I placed the similar colors side by side - some of the colors look almost the same here but in person there's a notable difference.

First Kiss vs Summer Crush - FK is a brighter pink while summer crush is a berry pink in person.

Sunset Kiss vs My First Time - SK is more orange than MFT's true red.

Just Married vs Valentine Kiss - JM is a baby pink while VK is more of a lilac pink.

The Morning After vs Crushing On You - TMA is a mauve-y brown. COY is peachy and warm.

Girl's Night Out is very similar to MAC Rebel, while Summer Fling is a bit like MAC Sunny Seoul (just more coral).

Hope you found this useful! What's your favorite Happy Skin lippie shade?