Under 500 Lipstick Week: elf Studio Moisturizing Lipstick

Gonna make this quick, because the last looong review took the wind out of me and I have xxx number of things to do before this day ends. So! Let's continue the Under 500 Lipstick Week with the most affordable one of them all: the elf Studio Moisturizing Lipstick (P168 from The Primp Pad)!



I am not entirely sure about the availability of this particular product here in the PH, but as far as I know the Studio line of elf retails for around P250 here. That makes the P168 price tag at the reseller such a winner! Cost aside though, this is a good lipstick for the price. It's pigmented, creamy, and fairly long-wearing with about 3-4 hours of life for every swipe. 



Wink Pink is a toned down, almost nude-y pink on me. It's a lovely everyday color for medium to dark-skinned girls, although I imagine it'll be a little brighter on fairer skin.



Ravishing Rose is a muted rose red with a bit of brown in the mix. I would even hazard to say it's a brick red, although like Wink Pink, it'll look brighter on fairer skin I think.

It feels a bit waxy when worn although it does stay on a good amount of time, plus it does feel moisturizing as promised. The packaging is also commendable - if I squint and pretend not to know it's an elf product, I would have sworn it's not just any drugstore bullet. Kudos to the brand for trying hard! It's the colored part of the tube that gives it away, but you won't notice unless you look closely enough to notice it's flimsy plastic.


The scent is reminiscent of MAC's trademark vanilla, but it goes away in a quick minute. I find that typical of low-end lipsticks so nothing to worry about if you don't like perfumed cosmetics.

Overall, I find the elf Studio Moisturizing Lipstick a steal! It performs better than I expected, and at that price, everybody wins. ^_^ The Primp Pad has a lot of elf stuff that I haven't seen yet, as well as other drugstore brands. Glad they sent me some stuff!