This is the cheapest micellar water in the country right now

I've been a micellar water user for years, but it's only recently that the price has become much more competitive. Before, the most affordable micellar water was Bifesta at P419 for 300ml, but that's not exactly cheap for something that simply takes off makeup. Then Biore came out with a P189 water, but it only contained 100ml for the price. Bifesta was P1.39 per mil while Biore was P1.89. Let's not even begin to talk about Bioderma - it's awesome but even I would not buy it so long as I have access to Bifesta.

Now there's a new player that seeks to dethrone our favorite drugstore waterrific makeup removers: the Maybelline Micellar Water. It costs P199 for 200ml, which means that it's roughly a peso per mil. Honestly, I was a bit untrustful of this particular micellar water because I'm loyal to my Japanese makeup removers, but the feeling was unfounded. Maybelline's play as your new favorite makeup remover might just be in the bag.

The brand's micellar water is scentless, alcohol- and oil-free. It doesn't sting my eyes (though it might sting yours, if you have particularly sensitive eyes). It doesn't leave a filmy residue once washed off so I feel confident that I can sleep in it if I absolutely have to. However, I would still use a facial wash afterwards just because. 

Is it effective in removing tough makeup? Naturally Maybelline's micellar water can not take off waterproof mascara, but I tried it on other forms of waterproof and water-resistant makeup below. After three swipes, it has taken off the pigmented blush, water-resistant mascara, and waterproof eyebrow makeup. It had trouble with the rest of the makeup though (waterproof eyeliner, liquid lipstick, concealer, and lip liner), needing about 10 swipes to erase them completely. But they were gone after some careful and gentle rubbing.

Certainly the Maybelline Micellar Water is effective in removing long-wearing, heavy makeup, but you must be more patient with the process compared to Bifesta (still my favorite). I think it has a much higher water content and less of the main main solvents (hexylene glycol and glycerin), so it takes more time to dissolve the cosmetics off your face. 

It's not that much time, though. If you're on a budget and want something that works, doesn't irritate the skin, and is quite pleasant to use, I think you won't be disappointed with this super affordable makeup remover. One bottle should be good for about 4-6 weeks of everyday use. ^_^


  • Do you use micellar water? What's your fave?
  • Is makeup remover something you would splurge on, or do you think there's no need to spend much?