New from Nivea: A review of their new zero-alcohol makeup remover + facial washes

Nivea is a pioneering skincare brand. Can you believe that their best-selling cream was first introduced way back in 1911? Personally, I have fallen in love with their Facial Cleansing Wipes for those long days where I'm simply too tired for multiple cleansing steps. But here’s exciting news that will #ChangeTheWayYouCleanse: Nivea just launched two new Zero-Alcohol Cleansers with Liza Soberano as the official ambassador!

The Bagani actress talked about her skin cleansing routine with two basic steps: removing makeup and washing her face. This made her a perfect fit for the new Nivea MicellAIR 3-in-1 Caring Cleanser and the Nivea Whip Foam Cleanser. With the heavy makeup commonly used for shoots and tapings, she likes to be extra clean by using both. She did share her quick and easy skincare hack for those lazy days, "When I'm lazy, I'm a wipe off girl (using the Nivea MicellAIR). But when I'm super masipag, I'll do wipe off and wash off (with the Nivea Whip Foam)."


As for those days when her skin is extra stressed, this is her beauty secret before applying makeup: “It's still the same as what I do on a regular day but before I do makeup, I ice my face just to close the pores that I have that are open. Also, if my eyes are puffy, if I'm kind of puyat, I like to ice my eyes also just to make sure that the puffiness subsides. And what else? That's practically it. I don't like to do too much with my face, because I'm afraid that if I do something that my face is not used to, that's when it'll start reacting differently.”

Liza 2.jpg

Both the Nivea MicellAIR Cleanser and the Nivea Whip Foam Cleanser come in Extra White and Acne Clear variants. I tried using the Extra White pair, which contains Natural Pearl Extract and Licorice to aid skin brightening.

I like using the MicellAIR as it never feels drying after. I even tried using it as my first cleanser before the Whip Foam and it worked well enough. I found the Nivea MicellAIR to be gentle on the skin. It removes light makeup but you’d probably want to use a dedicated eye makeup remover for those stubborn waterproof makeup. Here’s a test I did with three of my waterproof eyeliners (from left: Eye of Horus, Cargo, Make Up For Ever, concealer):

The eyeliners finally came off after 20 swipes. My skin was blotchy because I was swiping with pressure already but it went away after a while. The Nivea MicellAIR is available in 125ml (P99) and 200ml (P169) which makes it roughly P0.82/ml.

Nivea Whip Foam Group.jpg

The Nivea Whip Foam Cleanser is formulated to create a thick creamy foam. It's supposed to reduce friction without the usual skin tightness from foam cleansers. Available in 50ml (P99) and 100ml (P169), the Nivea Cleansers aim to be budget-friendly.

I’ve been using the Whip Foam in Extra White and it also feels gentle on my skin. I like the foam effect that doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped of moisture. It does leave an extra clean feeling, so I follow up with serum and moisturizer immediately after just to be safe. My skin has gone back to its dry state so I really need to layer my skincare. I didn’t experience any breakouts or reactions from using the cleanser but of course, YMMV.

The Nivea MicellAIR Cleanser and Nivea Whip Foam Cleanser are available at all leading supermarket and department stores nationwide.