Staff Picks: Our skincare routines when we're tired AF

While skincare challenges like trying 10-step skincare, 7-skin method, and everyday masking are fun and sometimes worth the effort, there are also days when we just can't be bothered with our regular routine. When we're dead-ass tired from a very long day and desperately want to go to bed, our skincare regimen gets shortened to just a few products. We still want good skin, after all, and dread waking up to find a nasty breakout so even the smallest effort can make a difference. 


Den: Since discovering how awesome oil cleansers are, I ran out of excuses for not removing my makeup before hitting the sack. I like the way the In Her Element First Wash Cleansing Oil takes off even tough, waterproof formulas quickly and easily - no need for a separate eye or lip makeup remover! The scent of the In Her Element Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser is so lovely that it instantly puts me into a better mood, even when I'm super tired or sleepy. I also rely on it to not dry out my face even when I skip my moisturizer. I try to make up for it though by spritzing on the leftover essence from whatever mask I used last, which I decanted into a small spritz bottle just for this purpose. It's easy to apply, makes me feel less guilty about not doing more for my dry skin, and also allows me to use up every last drop! 


Claire: I still do a version of double cleansing even on no-makeup days because of my sunscreen. A cleansing oil is a must, and the one from Bioré works just fine. My fave would still have to be IHE First Cleansing Oil though. I haven't found anything quite like the CosRX One Step Pimple Clearing Pad - it cleanses, exfoliates, and tones without drying my skin. Lastly, I find a serum much less easier to work into the skin. Something like Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair is very nourishing and has helped improve my skin so much.

Gett: I'm generally religious when it comes to skincare. I have a total of 8-10 steps for my morning and evening routines, but I really love doing it! On weekends (like say, this long weekend) and I won't head out, I just wash my face and that's it. If I did go out and I have some makeup on, I double cleanse. I'd be fine with not proceeding with the rest of my skincare every now and then (just to give my skin a break) but I absolutely have to wash my face. I use my derma's prescribed facial soap (the soap is from her clinic), and I love cleansing oils like the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil for makeup removal.


Katsy: I cannot sleep with makeup on so I only do this lazy AF routine if I have light to zero makeup. I use a makeup remover wipe (anything I have on hand at the moment will do!) to completely remove makeup, dirt, oils, etc. and that's it! I don't apply any skincare after because I feel like if there are any remaining "undesirables" on my face after the makeup wipe, it will just be sandwiched by my usual skincare layers.

Crystal: I occasionally come home late and feel too lazy to cleanse my face but I have to take my makeup off. I use Philosophy Purity Made Simple to take off my makeup and I don't need to double cleanse anymore. It really does deliver its promise of being a one-step cleanser! After that, I just call it a day and go right to sleep.

Marielle: I get that reassuring level of clean from Chica Y Chico Killing Star Cleanser, because it is able to get rid of the most stubborn non-waterproof makeup while giving a very satisfying level of lather. TBH, I don't recall ever being too tired to double cleanse ever since I learned how to do it, because I get so anxious to remove makeup at the end of the day. I do, however, often forget to tone and moisturize before bed when I'm at the point of exhaustion.

Do you ever sleep with your makeup on, even when you know it's bad for you? What does your skincare routine look like when you're (almost?) too tired and sleepy to care?