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The BAYO What's Your Mix ad campaign

The new BAYO campaign is getting some buzz on Facebook and Twitter. There's a photo going around that explains the new campaign. Read!

Bigger photo here

Okay okay, save yourself the eye strain and just read the pertinent paragraph, the first one:

What's your mix? This is just all about MIXING and MATCHING. Nationalities, moods, personalities, and of course your fashion pieces. Call it biased, but the mixing and matching of different nationalities with Filipino blood is almost a sure formula for someone beautiful and world class. We always have that fighting chance to make it in the world arena of almost all aspects. Be it Fashion. Music. Science and Sports. Having Filipino lineage is definitely something to be proud of.

Let's not overreact and call the people behind the campaign racist etc. I think that they just communicated their message poorly with rambling and inane copy (if the above is indeed the official press release).

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FOTD + OOTD: Blue electric

When I was younger, I used to buy clothes because I had to, I just had to. There was this feeling that the more I had the more fashionable I am. Predictably, I ended up getting stuck with crappy clothes that I only used a few times before feeling ridiculous in them. You know what I'm saying? I wasted a lot of money because I gave most of my old clothes away.

So now I try not to buy clothes and shoes unless I feel I can't live without them, unless I can't see myself wearing them for at least a year. I'm still a bargain hunter at heart, but if a really nice (although pricey = more than P1,000) piece comes along that I just can't let go of, well, I won't.

This blue Bayo dress is one of those purchases. Like my other new blue dress, it was a love at first sight thing for me. Never mind that I don't have the arms and shoulders to pull it off - I like it, I feel nice in it so to hell with the self-conscious bitch inside. :P

I wore this electric blue maxi with a white crochet necklace and bangle from Pinkbox. My official summer tote is this hot pink woven one from Ferretti so I pair it with everything!

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Uptight, and rambling about Gold Dot and Bayo

My life is SO much easier with a tripod. I used to take all my outfit photos by balancing my camera on Marco's design books. Amazing how I never seriously considered a 500-peso contraption of metal and plastic - until now, that is! Anyway, I just want to share the outfit I wore last Saturday. I know, I know, I look and feel like a secretary. I don't mind.

Thrifted blouse/ Bayo trousers/ SM braided belt/ Charles & Keith loafers

Also wanted to show you guys the Gold Dot shoes I bought last week. It was my size, but the strap wouldn't close properly because it's too short. Bummer.

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Johnson's and Bayo launches the Soft Look Collection

I am a fan of clothes with a healthy dose of romance. Nudes, whites, pinks, and beiges are some of my favorite colors to wear this season too! That's why I am floored by Johnson's Body Care and Bayo's collaboration called the Soft Look Collection. The well-designed pieces are done in delicate lace, chiffon, and satin, shamelessly featuring a lot of ruffles and runching. The whole collection's main focus was showing off one of our best assets this summer - beautiful skin.

I love, love, love the Soft Look Collection. It is so me! Anyway, I took photos of the complete line for your viewing pleasure. Tell me what you think! Check out last year's Johnson's Body Care launch too, and compare.

The gorgeous, skinny, and elegant Sarah Meier was host for the night. I love her blue eyeshadow and nude lips. Her makeup was immaculate.

Class and simplicity 

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