FOTD + OOTD: Blue electric

When I was younger, I used to buy clothes because I had to, I just had to. There was this feeling that the more I had the more fashionable I am. Predictably, I ended up getting stuck with crappy clothes that I only used a few times before feeling ridiculous in them. You know what I'm saying? I wasted a lot of money because I gave most of my old clothes away.

So now I try not to buy clothes and shoes unless I feel I can't live without them, unless I can't see myself wearing them for at least a year. I'm still a bargain hunter at heart, but if a really nice (although pricey = more than P1,000) piece comes along that I just can't let go of, well, I won't.

This blue Bayo dress is one of those purchases. Like my other new blue dress, it was a love at first sight thing for me. Never mind that I don't have the arms and shoulders to pull it off - I like it, I feel nice in it so to hell with the self-conscious bitch inside. :P

I wore this electric blue maxi with a white crochet necklace and bangle from Pinkbox. My official summer tote is this hot pink woven one from Ferretti so I pair it with everything!

As for the makeup, there's nothing terribly new here. I just did a lighter, more teal version of this blue eyeshadow look using my Urban Decay Ammo palette.

I cannot, for the life of me, remember what lipstick I wore here. -_- I do know I topped it off with the Shu Uemura lip gloss in Corona Orange. It's such a lovely, non-sticky lip gloss!

And that's it! Hope you like the look. :D And do tell me how you choose your clothes now - do you curate your closet or do you shop till you drop?