Uptight, and rambling about Gold Dot and Bayo

My life is SO much easier with a tripod. I used to take all my outfit photos by balancing my camera on Marco's design books. Amazing how I never seriously considered a 500-peso contraption of metal and plastic - until now, that is! Anyway, I just want to share the outfit I wore last Saturday. I know, I know, I look and feel like a secretary. I don't mind.

Thrifted blouse/ Bayo trousers/ SM braided belt/ Charles & Keith loafers

Also wanted to show you guys the Gold Dot shoes I bought last week. It was my size, but the strap wouldn't close properly because it's too short. Bummer. I just shipped it back to Ally, the seller, and exchanged it for a size 6. I was chagrined about this because the shoes cost P2,300, but I'm glad that Ally didn't give me any fuss about the exchange. Hope the size 6 fits properly!

Bestie Clogs

What do you think of the clogs? They're actually comfortable! I'll review them another time when I receive the replacement and finally get to walk in them.

Oh by the way, you guys should check out Bayo. I've never really liked the brand before because they used to sell boring basics. I don't know how it happened but Bayo has awesome stuff now! Most of the clothes were below P1,500. Would you believe I got these nice slacks for only P799? The fabric doesn't feel cheap at all and the quality is nice. Will definitely come back.