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The SoKor Beauty Tour: Where to go to get pretty in South Korea

People travel to soul-search, take a break from work, and to immerse themselves in a new culture. Why not travel for beauty? Seoul has been touted as the new beauty capital of the world, and it's not hard to see why. K-beauty is on the cutting edge of advancements in beauty, and shopping directly from brand stores (as opposed to online!) makes it possible to do a 10-step routine even on a budget. Beauty shopping is high on the list for any SoKor itinerary but there are a lot more kikay activities available that you shouldn't miss out on!

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FYI: This is where to shop for beauty products in Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan has become a travel destination for Filipinos due to cheap fares and visa-free access starting October. Think of it as a more laid-back mix of Japan and Hong Kong, with its extensive transportation system, generally kind people, and a somewhat of a smaller language barrier (though learning a little Mandarin helps!)

More importantly, it’s also a haven for beauty shopping!
More importantly, it’s also quite a haven for beauty shopping! Taiwanese brands like Naruko, 23.5°N, and Dr. Morita have been making it to our shores because of the burgeoning beauty industry that Taiwan has. I was recently there for a trip with my family, and I made sure to check out the beauty scene! If you'll be traveling to Taipei, do add these stores to your must-visit list!

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