Here's how to pack for a big trip

So your visa's been approved, your passport is ready, and your tickets and hotel are booked. One thing remains: getting your bags packed and making sure you don't leave important stuff behind!

There are many factors to consider when packing for a trip abroad: the weather, the length of your stay, the culture of the country you're visiting, the type of transportation you'll be on, and so on. Truth be told, there's no single formula on how to pack, but the universal rule that all types of travelers agree on is that it's best to travel light. Here are some tips to get you on the right track.

Narrow down your choices and gather all the items you want to bring in one area of your room

The first step is to decide what you want to bring on your trip. Piling everything in a single location is easier than going back and forth your closet and constantly changing your mind. It also helps you get a better idea of how all your stuff will fit together, and if you have enough space in your luggage for all of them. For clothes, start by picking your favorite pieces, weather-appropriate pieces (like jackets, gloves or bikini), and wardrobe essentials (like underwear and socks). 

Sort, select, mix, and match

Once you’ve gathered together all the clothes you want to bring, it’s time to get creative with your clothes! Unless you shop at your destination, your clothing options will be limited to what you have, so it's important to be able to mix and match. Try to find ways to wear one top in two to three different outfits. If you’re going on a long-term travel, make sure you have enough clothes to wear for a week so you have ample time to find a laundromat. 

Another thing to consider is the culture of the country you are visiting. Some countries frown upon exposing too much skin or require women to wear a head scarf, while in other places it’s acceptable to wear daisy dukes.

Plan your outfits based on the season

Spring to Autumn: You need to be creative in mixing and matching your clothes because you wouldn’t want people to think you’re wearing the same thing over and over again. Bring:

  • At least one pair of denim jeans, one that you can wear at least thrice, and a skirt that you can match to almost any top
  • A light cardigan or a coat, depending on how cold it can get
  • A pair of comfy shoes and some cute sandals! 

Winter: While it's a challenge to bring bulky and thick clothes, the upside is that you won't need so many! Since you'll be wearing outerwear most of the time, your actual outfit will usually be hidden. I went to Seoul last December and only brought the following:

  • One thick jacket with a fur lining
  • Three sweaters (so it looks like I’m still changing clothes)
  • Two pairs of leggings, a pair of pants, and one skirt
  • A scarf and a hat

I had so much space in my luggage that I was able to bring home a massive K-beauty haul! Pro tip: Always make space for souvenirs and unforeseen shopping sprees.

Roll your clothes

Rolled clothes take up less space in your luggage and are less likely to wrinkle. This is especially important when you’re finally heading home, so you can make space for your pasalubong.

Pro tip: Wear the bulkiest items while in transit. It saves on luggage space and going over the weight limit!

Packing cubes are your BFFs!

I strongly recommend putting your camera chargers, USB cords, and all other electronic-related items in one pouch. Not only will this make it easier for you to find them, it will also help keep your packing tidy. The same goes for your accessories, toiletries, art supplies, medicine, and makeup. You can even use the insides of your shoes to hold small items . 

If you can, put these items in a clear, transparent bag so the contents are easily visible. You may also want to consider investing in magnetic palettes to keep your makeup secure and compact. 

Pro tip: Make sure to bring an extension cord and a travel adapter for charging your devices! You never know what kind of power outlets you'll find in your place of stay.

Throw in a few plastic bags, ziplocks and a washable laundry bag

You will need extra bags for storing shoes, soiled items, and other stuff you don't want to get mixed in with your clothes.

Turn to Pinterest for inspiration.

From outfit ideas to the visual tips on what you should bring, Pinterest has it all. My closet is mostly full of the essentials so I use Pinterest for new ideas on how to style them. Plus, I think Pinterest is a great tool to find Instagrammable places in your destination and other travel tips. 

These tips aren't met to be strict rules for you to adhere to. Different travelers have different lifestyles and needs, so customize your packing organization according to what suits you best. Just keep in mind the golden rule to pack light. Remember: it’s cheaper to fly without any checked-in luggage ,and if you do forget something, it gives you the perfect excuse to do some shopping! *wink*

Got any packing tips to share? Where are you headed this summer?