What went down at the Nivea Summer Kickoff in Bohol

Summer is right around the bend, so if you're stocking up on beach essentials, you must include some Nivea Sun products! The brand makes the best sunscreens IMHO, and that's not just because they send me to these fun pre-summer shindigs. I love how light and non-streaky the sunscreens are even if the SPF number is reliably high, and the price is pretty good! My daily body lotion-slash-sunscreen is also from Nivea; I am a huge, huge fan of their Body Serum and have finished so many bottles since it launched years ago. They have a new variant btw, which I will review soon! HG rin!

So. Last week, they sent media, bloggers, and social media influencers to Bohol to experience Nivea Sun products first-hand and to hear about a huge bombshell from the brand. We stayed in Bellevue Resort Bohol, a beautiful hotel right by the sea. Loved the spacious, well-appointed room and the yummy local food!


The most exciting thing about the whole trip though is Nivea announcing their high-tech yet uber cute Dolls. What? Yes, dolls. These dolls are made of a special UV-sensitive material that turns red when exposed to the sun. When you place sunscreen on their skin, the redness goes away! They are designed to teach children about how the sun can burn the skin and how crucial sun protection is to everybody's health.

So simple yet so useful. The dolls will be available soon in your local supermarket and stores, just in time for summer. Best thing? They're free with a purchase of Nivea Sun products. ^_^ Hope you can grab a doll for your little one!

During the trip, attendees got to enjoy a few activities that pushed their limits and their sun protection to the test. We were divided in two groups: Land and Sea. The Land peeps did some extreme challenges like zip biking while the Sea groups had a sliiiiightly more relaxed time of it as they raced in a banana boat and waterbee. Everybody looked like they had the time of their lives though! I unfortunately missed this activity since I was down with the flu, argh. Last year our group won in Balesin. Well, there's always next year! 

After the media presentations and activities, we had a few hours of free time at the beach. It was low tide so we didn't get to do a lot of swimming but it was still nice to play and take pictures. I took the time to paint a sunset scene.

To end the perfect summer getaway, DJ Tom Taus played some beats while everyone chilled by the pool.

So that's the rundown. Thank you Nivea for having me over again this year! <3 I learned so much and as always, got to bond with my blogger and media friends. Till next!