Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF25 PA++

Serums traditionally provide intense care and repair for our face. They usually have more concentrated ingredients in a clear, gel-like, sometimes oily solution for better absorption on skin. I was pretty excited when I first heard about a new serum for - are you ready - the body. How fabulous would it be if we can lavish our whole body in intensified skincare?

The Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF25 PA++ (P219) promises radiant and whiter skin with ingredients like Vitamin C, licorice, red seaweed, and Hydra IQ. Does it look and feel like the other serums I've tried before? No. It's white, watery, and feels like lotion. I was a little disappointed because "serum" was the word that hooked me in, but for P219 /200ml I don't see how it could be more than lotion.

But I love it nonetheless. :) Three things: it's the lightest lotion I've tried EVER, it has SPF25 PA++, and has a pleasant citrus smell - no chemical sunblock-y scent at all! Did I say it was super light? Drugstore sunscreens tend to be streaky, with an awkward white cast if you don't spend time rubbing it on properly. Not so with this Nivea serum! The watery texture is easy to distribute all over the body and leaves no streaks. It's also absorbed quickly, hence no greasy or sticky after-feel.

Have I observed any whitening? Not really. I don't always go out of the house and I don't always wear lotion. My skin is smooth and hydrated but all lotions do that for me. :) I did observe that I have to use a generous dollop of this Nivea lotion to really moisturize my skin. If you have particularly dry skin, you might need to use a heavier moisturizer on top of this.

Overall, I highly recommend the Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF25 PA++. It's my favorite daytime lotion these days, and I'm definitely buying one (or two) when I run out! It's must-try, imho. ;)

What's your current sunscreen? Are you religious in applying it?