How to look better even without any makeup on

I love wearing makeup, but there are days when I’d rather skip it. I’m pretty low-maintenance, and going makeup-free also gives my skin a chance to breathe. This doesn't mean I'd dare leave the house without making the effort to look nicer, though! Even if I can survive a day without The Gunk, I like to keep myself presentable and polished. Here are some of my favorite tricks for looking good sans makeup.

Establish a regular skin care routine with products that work for you. Back in high school, my cheeks were covered with acne scars. Everything you post on the Internet is permanent so there’s no way I’m going to post a throwback photo here, haha! Let's just say that I felt reaaally ugly. I wanted to get rid of my dark spots, so I tried using different products until I found out ones that worked for me. I strictly followed this routine. The dark spots took months to disappear, but it worked! If you're on a tight budget, check out our picks for oily skin and for dry skin.

Keep yourself hydrated, inside and out. Did you know that serums have smaller molecules than moisturizers? That means they are better at penetrating the deeper layers of the skin and targeting specific concerns. But no matter how amazing they are, serums can’t serve as substitute for moisturizers, which helps keep your skin hydrated. Your number one source of hydration is still from getting enough water in your system, so make sure to drink up!

Curl your lashes. This is a good trick for giving your eyes definition even without liner, eyeshadow or mascara. I think they help you look more awake, too! Plus, doesn’t it look better on selfies? 

Apply sunscreen and, maybe, some powder. Protect your skin from the UV damage by applying sunscreen with at least SPF15 and PA protection . If you can find one that also contains moisturizer, that's even better. The combination of moisturizer and sunscreen tend to put my face on the shiny side of things, though, so I like to apply a translucent powder after. 

Fix your brows and hair. The real game-changer of the Absolute No Makeup look is having good eyebrows and hair. When your arches are well-groomed, you can simply brush them up with a clean spoolie to make them look tidy and full. I don’t know about you, but I feel 10x better when my hair is on point, even without makeup. Whether you enjoy curling your hair as I do or simply prefer to tie it up, do spare a minute or two to make sure your hair looks well-styled rather than haphazardly brushed into place.

Don't forget your lipbalm! Hey, even though it can add a nice sheen or even a hint of tint, lipbalm is primarily a skincare product. It's moisturizer for your lips, so make sure to apply it just as religiously.

So here's me in a truly no-makeup look! Admittedly, it takes some confidence to go out into the world with all your imperfections in full view, but I like to think that I've embraced who I am and how I look like. That's really the "secret" to feeling beautiful without makeup: being comfortable with our appearance no matter how the world says we should look.

How about you? Do you ever leave home with a bare face? What are your tips for looking fantastic even without any cosmetics on?