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Not Just Vanity: How my beauty routine helps me cope with anxiety

Depression and anxiety have always been present in my life. Early on, I thought it was simply an overreaction to circumstances. I was too vulnerable, I wore my heart on my sleeve - not realizing that the chemical imbalance in my brain constantly leads to such destructive thoughts. It comes in waves: constant overanalyzing, insomnia, panic attacks, restrictive food intake, and procrastination. When it gets really bad, I find it difficult to do any kind of productive activity, even something as simple as getting out of bed. I’ve had to consider therapy and counseling, and self-care through makeup and skincare has played an important part of how I manage my condition.

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The Pep Talk

I was really touched and overwhelmed by the comments some of you left on my post about confidence last week. Many of you have gotten over their confidence issues, but there were some who are still trying or haven't even started. So, I thought I'd share some of the ideas that help me feel more confident about myself and the things I do!

1. You don't have to prove anything to anyone but yourself. Why? Because no one truly cares. Sure some people might outwardly pressure you to be this and that, but they're doing it for their personal gratification - not yours. Do what makes you happy and fulfilled. That's something that no one else can define for you, so stop listening to everyone who says you can't and shouldn't. Fuck them. Just do it!

2. You're never as ugly as you think you are. We are our own worst critic most of the time, and we endlessly cut ourselves to pieces comparing ourselves to this "perfect" girl we know.

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