Beauty Biz Bliss: Building a community of empowered women

The Project Vanity team is composed of women from different backgrounds: we have an architect, an auditor, a professional musician, a PT student, and more. In the diversity of our industries and day jobs, we’re united by one purpose: to share our love for beauty as a way to encourage other women to become more confident about who they are. Project Vanity has always been about empowerment so learning about a new venture that aims to help women pursue their passions was kindred.

Beauty Biz Bliss, a business that’s driven by the idea of “collaboration over competition,” was formally launched on June 4, during a gathering of women from different areas of interests and industries at coworking space Co-Lab.

Founders Ginger Arboleda, Martine De Luna and Frances Sales are bloggers who decided to bring their distinct interests together and turn them into a new way of helping women. Fueled by the belief in the power of collaboration and the idea that women are stronger when they work together, Beauty Biz Bliss was born. Their goal is simply to help women achieve their dreams, no matter how big or small, by working on it as a community.


For beauty, there are workshops that will help members exude their inner beauty in their pursuit of their dream job or client. While the workshops will touch on the subjects of grooming and proper dressing for meetings and interviews, they will also put emphasis on cultivating self-worth and confidence.

The biz part will focus on teaching members how to succeed in their chosen endeavors, whether it's working for a company or starting a business. Headed by Ginger who is a serial entrepreneur, the focus is on teaching the technical aspects to succeeding at work. The member database also serves as a network to help women connect to the right people.

The bliss aspect of the business will focus on helping members do whatever they deem is necessary for their souls' growth. Life coaching sessions and workshops are designed to help women strike the perfect balance between a successful career and a well-lived life.

Apart from workshops, they will be offering a subscription-based website where women can download documents and spreadsheets that they can use to help them streamline their work.

After learning more about Beauty Biz Bliss, we were all asked to introduce and say something about ourselves. Getting to know people from different walks of life and from various endeavors was definitely refreshing and inspiring! We got to know a little more about each other, create new connections, and embrace our unique roles as women.

Once we've all finished our introductions, we were asked to grab Moleskine notebooks and cutouts of photos and words for our “Happy Rebel's Journal.” It's basically journal version of a vision board, wherein you create tangible representations of the things you want to happen so they seem a little more real and closer at hand. We wrote down what we wanted to manifest in our lives, our hopes, and our dreams.

We were also taught how to draw our own designs on canvas shoes! These comfy slip-ons were made by Spring Manila, and the tutorial was given by illustrator Jeng Cabrera.

The event was a good preview of what Beauty Biz Bliss offers: a convergence of women happily working together towards their personal dreams! You can sign up to be a member at their website or find out about their workshop schedules over at Facebook.