Confidence is the best beauty mark

I was never the pretty girl growing up. I wasn't rich, either, nor did I have a sparkling personality to offset the ugliness and the lack of beautiful expensive things in my life. What I did have going for me was my intelligence. I wasn't the brightest in my class but I was the only one who devoured fiction and dreamed of worlds beyond my own, adventures beyond my imagination. 

What I had was a strong sense of identity and purpose. I knew who I am, what kind of skills were at my disposal, and I knew what I wanted out of my life. Was I wrong about how I identified myself or my goals? I think that's  the single biggest potential blow to anyone's self-confidence: how sure, how secure can you be about your identity and purpose? Answer: you're only as sure as you allow yourself to be. No one else should help you with that but yourself.

My motto then (and even now) is this: no guts, no glory. Or put less dramatically, if you don't do something, then nothing happens. That's just common sense but I know a lot of people who are afraid to try something because they're not perfect enough. Can't sing in public because they miss a few notes. Can't speak in public because they lisp. Can't wear a mini-skirt because they have marks on their legs. Can't quit a full-time job they hate because they're not sure they can make it as a freelancer.

Well I have news for you, toots: you'll never be perfect enough. Work with what you have and just. Do. It.

That said, I do believe in constant self-improvement. It pays to work on your skills and knowledge, on your wardrobe and makeup, to create the best possible version of yourself. :) Confidence for me is loving and knowing yourself so well that you know exactly where to change; in being uncompromising when doing it.

That's why I like Tupperware Brand's campaign called the Chain of Confidence. It's a global, multi-awarded campaign that encourages women to be more confident and happy about themselves. In line with the campaign, they have chosen Bianca Valerio to be their spokesperson. Perfect right? As a bullied girl, Bianca grew up with damaged self-esteem, but now look at her! She's s successful and confident. :)

So, what makes you confident? Visit and send your message of confidence to your friends!

There's also a contest where you can nominate your woman of confidence – she can be your wife, mother, sister or friend. Send your nominations starting August 30, 2012. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Tupperware Brands Philippines Fan Page. Simply like the page and click on the I Am Confidence tab to download form. Then send the duly accomplished form together with your nominee’s confidence story to Only stories written by a nominator will be accepted. Nominations of one’s self will be disqualified. 

Let your woman of confidence be recognized! For complete details, mechanics and details check out I Am Confidence in Facebook, and the I Am Confidence microsite, You may also visit the Tupperware Brands Philippines website at