Pack Smart: Six skincare must-haves to include in your mini travel kit

This story is brought to you by Silka.

It's exciting to plan for our next trip, but sometimes we can get *too* excited when packing for it. An over-zealous packer would throw everything into the luggage last-minute and pray that the words "excess baggage" will not be mentioned at the check-in counter later on. A smart traveler, however, knows how to pack smart so she can fit in everything that she needs - and no more!

If you're already planning your next trip, conserve some space by streamlining your skincare kit. You only need six basic products after all! Plus points if you can snag some travel-sized goodies from your favorite brands instead of transferring things in leaky bottles. Remember, you can't bring more than 100ml of liquids inside your carry-on! Here are some of our recommendations.



You need to cleanse your hair, body, and face no matter where you're off to, so you'll need only three separate products.

Shampoo. Choose one that can remove dirt and oil effectively without drying your scalp. Most brands would sell sachets, but you might want to collect sample bottles from high-end brands so you can just refill them as needed. You can easily find small travel sets (with conditioners) in airports! I like these ones from L'Occitane since the bottle is so cute and, more importantly, secure!

Body soap. Instead of bringing liquid body wash, soaps are a lot more convenient and less messy to travel with. Silka has sachet soaps that are only 65 grams - the Moisturizing Milk Soap with Avocado Oil smells especially luscious and don't dry out the skin. It's only P21.75, too! It's smaller than a passport but should be good to use for a weeks' worth of showers.

Facial Wash. The best facial wash for traveling can remove light makeup and sunscreen. Pick a gentle one that can cut through the accumulated dirt on your face without destroying your moisture barrier. I stock up on the travel-sized Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser during their GWP promos!

Nourish and protect

A vacation, as you ladies might know, isn't an excuse to take a break from moisturizing and protecting your skin from the sun! You'll need an overall body lotion, a nighttime moisturizer, and a tinted sunscreen for daytime.

Body lotion with SPF. If you're bringing lotion with you, you might as well make sure it has SPF. The Silka Premium Moisturizing Milk Lotion with Avocado Oil (P45 for 50ml) not only provides deep hydration without the stickiness - it also provides SPF23! It's small enough to bring inside your purse so you can retouch every 3-4 hours for maximum protection. Yep, you need to retouch your sunscreen during the day as the protection wears off!

Tinted sunscreen. You can certainly use a colorless sunscreen if you prefer your foundation to provide full coverage, but if you have fairly good skin and just need a little help, you can get through your morning routine faster with a tinted sunscreen. It should also provide moisture and a bit of glow, like the Avene Tinted Cream with SPF50

Facial Oil. In the evening, you'd want your skin to recuperate from the stresses of the day by using a nourishing facial oil right before bedtime. I recommend oils at night as they don't require skincare layering - something like the Herbivore Botanicals Balancing Facial Oil is more than enough to keep skin charged with moisture as you sleep, for an authentic daytime glow.

A good skincare strategy no matter where you're traveling in the world is important if you are to maintain great skin. ^_^ Thankfully, Silka has our body care needs taken care of with travel-sized products that are easily accessible. Try 'em out soon!