PSA: Dos and don'ts when traveling by plane with your beauty products

I'll be traveling to Japan soon with my best friend and I am so. Freakin. Excited. We’ve already planned out our arrangements and the places we’ll go, plus I’ve listed all the makeup and skin care stuff that I plan to haul home! However, when one of the PV girls shared the story of how several bottles of Speedy Whip Foam were confiscated from her mom’s hand-carry, I freaked out and resolved to make sure that I don’t make the same mistake.

If you’re set for a trip abroad and plan to do a bit shopping, make sure to find out packing do’s and don’ts ahead of time. Regulations may vary depending on the airport and the airline but here are a few general rules to consider when it comes to packing your beauty products for a trip.

Your hand-carry should contain no more than 100mL of liquids per container. Yes, you can still carry your skincare or makeup in your hand-carry (PHEW!) if you plan to do your routine onboard. Here's the basic rule of thumb when you have Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels (LAGs): make sure to store them in CLEAR containers no larger than 100mL. These containers should then be placed in a clear ziplock bag, which also doubles as protection from spillage. The total liquid content of this bag must not exceed 1 liter.

Check in everything else. It’s really best to leave large bottles and heavy tubs at home but if you must lug them around instead of decanting, make sure to put them in your check-in baggage. You can even wrap your clothes around them to ensure that they’re cushioned while in transit. And as much as possible, keep them in large ziplock bags so that they don’t ruin the rest of your luggage if they break or spill.


Leave you pressurized bottles behind. Sorry but you really have to leave spray-on deodorants, dry shampoos and anything else that’s packed in a pressurized bottle at home. These are usually completely banned from air travel, as the change in pressure can cause them to suddenly explode. You wouldn’t want that mess all over your stuff, or cause a bomb scare and unnecessary panic on board.

Shop ahead! 

Airport shops will surely tempt us into doing last-minute shopping but make sure to do the bulk of it waaay beforehand. This way, you can safely pack your haul into your check-in luggage and avoid the heart-breaking experience of having them confiscated. Better yet, shop days in advance of your departure so you can already add them into your suitcase and not end up buying more stuff than you can fit. If you do end up getting carried away with your shopping, ask the check in officer (nicely!) if you can stash some of your purchases in your companion’s suitcase if they’re not yet over the weight limit. This is not always allowed though, and should be considered a favor if so.

Otherwise, you may need to get a box or find another way to transport them home. You may also choose to buy another piece of luggage and pay for the extra baggage when you check in.

Are you traveling anytime soon? What are your tips for hauling a travel beauty loot back home?

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