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Here's where to buy beauty products in Taiwan + a review of their popular makeup

Since discovering the Miss Hana (花娜小姐) gel pencil liner during my last Taipei visit, I knew that Cosmed/Watsons/Ximending and I had unfinished business. Armed with a week’s worth of research and P3000 (converted to NTD1765), I set off for my Taiwan trip with the aim of trying out more of their makeup products. You might be wondering: what about Dr. Morita, My Beauty Diary, My Scheming, Naruko, and 23.5N? The skincare brands are slowly making their way to our shores, so we decided to focus on makeup instead! So if you ever find yourself in Taipei, Kaohsiung, or any of Taiwan’s beautiful cities, consider picking up these local finds.

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Tokyo Haul (so far): Kitsch, beauty, and art materials

Tokyo has a ton of tax-free tourist-friendly shops like Tokyu and Donki, as well as cheap-ass drugstore beauty products in Matsumoto Kiyoshi. That's why it's super easy to get lost in a shopping frenzy! I went crazy the first time I was here, but on my third time I now know what NOT to buy.

Number one on my list of NOT to get is cute junk. Yes, they are cute but they are junk. I'd like the idea of owning them but it is highly unlikely that I'll ever use them which was the case when I filled a huge carry-on of that stuff before. I am wiser now so I only get things that I won't be able to buy in the Philippines, or if they are considerably cheaper here (not likely but it happens).

Anyway, here's what I purchased here in Tokyo so far! I'll be flying back to the PH tomorrow so I might add more - we'll see. 

Kitsch (edited)

Can't resist a bit of kitsch at the underground mall in Tokyo Station! I got some printed stockings, floral eyeglass cases, leather case, and padded indoor flats. I wish I have more luggage space so I can get household items, but oh well.

Matsumoto Kiyoshi (edited)

Here are my few choice picks at Matsumoto Kiyoshi in Shibuya. A lot of beauty bloggers love the drugstore Shiseido eyebrow pencil so I got a couple of 'em.

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Hello from Tokyo!

Hey guys, how've you been? Hope you're having a grand time wherever you are. Eveyrone's traveling lately because it's spring in other countries and summer in the Philippines - if you've got a bit of extra dough, it'd be a waste not to spend it experiencing a different place. 

I decided to go to Tokyo with my mother as I've been preparing for it for a while. Honestly, this isn't something I would have considered early last year - I'd much rather get a Chanel or Balenciaga with the money then. However, I've been obsessed with traveling in recent months. That, and drawing, is taking up all the extra space in my head. So here we are.

Anyway. thought I'd share some of my favorite pics here! If you're following me on Instagram (@lizlanuzo) you've probably seen these but I'd still like to have a record on my blog for posterity. Here's what I've been up to in the last few days!

Tokyo Beach in Odaiba. Odaiba is a man-made island about 20 minutes away from the Tokyo center. It has malls right in front of the beach, but people seem to enjoy casual picnics more. It looks like a favorite weekend destination by the locals!

Sushi in Tsukiji. I went to Tsukiji during my first ever trip to Tokyo. I literally only had an hour and a half to go around on my own, and found it by accident.

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My travel makeup kit

I am a huge believer in traveling as light as possible. If I can live without something for the next few days then it is highly unlikely that I will be bringing it! I actually just lugged my trusty gold NaRaYa bag  (this is such an awesome bag, it is incredibly light and tough! I've had it for years!) and a tote bag from Ferretti in my recent trip to Japan. I honestly felt I overpacked even with just two bags.

In the end, I had to buy another big bag just to store my purchases hehe. Shopping in Japan is quite inexpensive, more so when it's sale season (which is right about now). Most of the stores were at 50% to 70% off. And the drugstores! Oh my gosh! I just went batshit insane - but mostly for food lol. I wouldn't know what to do with more makeup or skincare, I seriously do not have any space left at home. In any case, do you think I should still post my haul?

Anyhoo, I just want to show you my makeup kit while I was over there. Again I packed too much, but it didn't feel like it while I was throwing everything inside. The actual pouch (from Bobbi Brown) is small but roomy. It fit pretty much everything I need, and a little bit more.

The pouch was part of a promo last year, I believe, so I don't think they sell this anymore. :( Well, I'm sure you can find something similar. Here's what I brought with me!

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My travel must-haves

Good morning from Baguio! I'm here with Marco to chill - quite literally. It's very cold here. Unfortunately I was naive enough to think otherwise, so I brought only one jacket and mostly flimsy clothes. Horror, I tell you, especially for someone who has low tolerance for cold. How I wish I sneaked off some of the new Ukay Manila blazers from my store! (Yes I just have to say that lol. New arrivals today ladies!)

Anyway, I'd just like to share with you the kikay stuff I brought. You can easily guess from my what's in my bag post that I prefer to travel extra light. I don't mind sacrificing a few comforts, routines, and favorites if that means that I don't have to worry about the weight of my bag, breaking anything, or god forbid, losing anything important. 

Only three small pouches and the rest are clothes. Yes I brought my POSH Pocket Shoes! Soo travel-friendly.

This VNC bag is perhaps the most useful thing I ever got from an event. It has divisions, garter holders for brushes, and has this hook so I can hang it. It's also a shoe bag. It's thin and small but very roomy so I prefer to use it for stocking makeup when I'm out of town. Everything is protected and nothing jiggles around while my luggage is in transit. I'm not sure if this is for sale, but if you ever see it, get it asap!

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