Five ways to make your makeup kit light and tight

It's easy to get carried away when bringing our favorite things out of the house. There would always be that feeling that we never have enough, and we also tend to overthink what the day will bring (what if we suddenly need to contour for Crush?). But it's not wise to have a bulky, heavy bag. Whether you have a car or you commute, there isn't any sense in lugging around beauty products you don't really need for the day.

Here's why:

  • Bringing products out of the house exposes them to the unpredictable elements. They might melt in the heat, dry up in the cold, get soaked, or break in an accident.
  • You might just lose your precious products. Just don't bring out your best and most valuable beauties where they may be lost through theft or just good ol' misplacement. Small compacts and tubes are so easy to lose track of!
  • Have some mercy on your shoulders!

Here are the things you must consider so you can make space for more important things!

Ask yourself: do you really REALLY need everything in your kit? We all have different requirements. While I personally wouldn't bring an eyebrow product regularly since I expect my brows to stay on most (if not all) of the day, I know other girls have oilier brows. They will need to retouch. If there are items in your kit that you don't pick up much, it's time to place them in your makeup drawer/table instead of in your mobile storage.

Pack your kit according to where you're going. On a normal work day, I would just bring powder, a perfume in a Travalo tube, and lipstick. If I expect the day to be particularly long, I would add a blush or contour, a powder brush and perhaps lotion if my hands are feeling dry. I have a different kit in my tennis bag, travel luggage, etc. 

Bring luxe/travel sizes instead of full-sized products. I collect smaller version of my faves whenever I get the chance! At least I won't feel so bad if I lose or forget them somewhere. Here's a guide on how to get these luxe sizes, FYI.

Decant your liquid and cream products into jars and bottles. Watsons sells excellent acrylic jars and plastic pump bottles. If you want a more refined size selection, Muji has bottles as well as tools for decanting with no fuss.

Customize your own magnetized palette. This is a cool space-saving idea. Basically, you just need to de-pot your products and fit them inside your chosen palette. I have a Wild Peach Palette filled with some random pretty neutrals. I also highly recommend INGLOT's Freedom System Palettes as you can place everything you can think of inside, from eyeshadow, eyebrow gel/powder, concealer, blush, even solid perfume! Artdeco also has a custom palette system, and I remember MAC also sells a palette that you can fill up without the wells.

So there you go, hope you found this advice useful! Let us know if you have other tricks up your sleeve. Are you a pack rat or a light packer?

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