Three ways to glow even when your skin's not in the mood

Koreans started the craze for glowing and dewy skin. They've demonstrated with resounding success that this finish - long unloved - gives a younger and more vibrant impression. Unfortunately, not everyone's skin is in that state of blissful perfection (yet or at the moment) so we're turning to makeup to achieve that radiant-looking base. Here are three to make it happen, even when your skin refuses to cooperate!

Tip #1: Forget traditional foundation - use a BB Cushion Compact

The cushion compact promises moisture on top of the usual BB cream benefits like coverage and sun protection. Easy to use and easy to carry around for a retouch, it's no wonder makeup brands are releasing their own versions left and right! Korean brands Laneige, IOPE, Etude House are some of the few that immediately come to mind. We've also listed some of our favorites for you to check out as well.

To achieve a dewy base, simply apply the product all over your face in a light tapping motion. Keep the rest of your makeup light and natural-looking to keep the focus on how “chokchok” (as the Koreans put it) or moist your skin looks.

Tip #2: If you need the coverage after all, mix face oil with your liquid foundation  

Ladies with oily skin 24/7 may skip to the next technique; this one's best left for those with dry skin. Not only will face oil restore much needed moisture to your skin, it also gives your complexion a pretty glow!

This trick is actually something we picked up from watching Beautiology 101. Blending a drop of face oil per three drops of liquid foundation can give you the much-coveted glow, and the added moisture will make your makeup easier to apply, too! Simply dispense the products onto the back of your hand and mix well prior to application. It may seem strange to be adding oil to your face, but beauty oils are beneficial to the skin and far from the kind we desperately try to blot out.

Tip #3: Highlight in strategic areas

Creating a dewy look with oily skin is a makeup challenge in our tropical weather, and therefore takes a bit more work to pull off. Start with a mattifying primer, then top that with your favorite matte liquid foundation and liquid illuminator. You can choose to mix the latter two products for quicker application.

For the finishing touch, use a powder highlighter on areas where light naturally hits. Think top of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, and right on the brow bones. Using a wet sponge can help blend everything together but I find that my fingers can do the trick for faster application. Finally, use a setting spray to keep your makeup in place and keep the oil at bay! 

What do you think about the dewy skin trend? Know of other ways to recreate this look? Share them in the comments!